Woman Believes Addiction Detox Will Only Be Possible Behind Bars

Addiction detox is usually the first step in the process of recovery from this terrible illness. It is essential for those with an addiction to drugs or alcohol to quit the substance to which they are addicted before they can start the process of rehabilitation.

Before addiction detox can begin, however, the addict must be ready to accept the problem and be willing to make changes to his or her behaviour. This may sound simple enough to those who have no experience of addiction, but for many people, the most difficult part of recovery is actually facing up to the fact that the addiction is real.


Some individuals with addiction issues will live in denial. They are often the last to realise that they have a problem with alcohol or drugs. Some find it easier to pretend that the problem is not that bad as facing up to reality means they will have to do something about it.

Some addicts are simply not ready to give up the chemical substance that they have come to rely on. No amount of begging or pleading from loved ones will help either. If an addict is not ready to get help, there is nothing anyone else can do to force the issue.

Reaching Out for Help

With addiction detox being the first step towards recovery, it would seem simple enough that a person with addiction would sign up for a programme of detoxification if he or she wanted to get better. Unfortunately, some individuals do not know how to access treatments and will take desperate measures to ensure that they get the help they need.

Angela Alderson is one such person. The heroin addict carried out two thefts, and during sentencing, begged the judge to send her to prison so that she could undergo an addiction detox while behind bars. She has been struggling to kick the habit and believed that the only way to do this was if her freedom was taken away.

Alderson is living with the devastation of a heroin addiction, and in order to fund her habit, she steals. She is one of many addicts who have turned to crime out of desperation. Alderson said that as there is no money left after paying for essentials, she can only buy the drugs she craves if she steals. She said that if she was not put in prison, she would continue to steal and would be unable to quit the drug.

An addiction detox in prison was the only solution in her eyes. She wanted to make changes to her life and be a good grandmother, and she said that the only way to do this was to get clean.

Drug Rehabilitation

Although district judge Michael Fanning had the option of imposing a drug rehabilitation order, Alderson did not believe it would work. Judge Fanning said, “You have a long record of this sort of offence, which is driven by your drug addiction. It’s a shame you don’t feel that you can work with a drug rehabilitation order instead of going to prison.”

She was sentenced to six weeks behind bars, and the judge said he hoped this would give her the time she needed to beat her addiction.

Beating Addiction

Ms Alderson’s acted out of desperation when begging for a prison sentence in order to undergo addiction detox. However, this does not have to be the case for those struggling with addiction. Detox and rehabilitation services exist all over the UK to help those with addiction overcome their illnesses.

There is no doubting the fact that beating addiction is difficult. This is an illness that changes the way the brain functions, and it is an illness that does not occur overnight. Addiction to drugs and alcohol occurs over time, and because it is a progressive illness, it will continue to get worse the longer a person abuses the substance.

The only way to beat addiction is to abstain from drugs or alcohol and then learn how to live without it for the rest of one’s life. With the help of professional counsellors and therapists, overcoming addiction does not have to be a major struggle. It will require commitment from the person with the addiction, however.

Finding the Right Treatment Provider

If you are finding it difficult to locate a suitable addiction detox and rehabilitation provider, we can help. Addiction Helper is a free referral service working with organisations based in towns and cities all over the UK; we also work closely with a number of facilities in countries overseas. We can instantly find the most suitable provider for clients based on their requirements and personal circumstances.

For more help in sourcing the right treatment provider, contact us here at Addiction Helper today. Our staff have been helping those with addiction into treatment for many years, and they have the knowledge and experience to ensure that you will be completely comfortable with your choice.

Source: Heroin addict sent to jail after saying it was the only way to cure her habit (The Examiner)

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