How to Overcome Your Demons with Addiction Detox and Rehabilitation

Overcoming an addiction to drugs or alcohol often begins with an addiction detox. It is usually necessary for an addicted person to quit the substance that he or she has been abusing and then wait for all traces of it to be expelled from the body before he or she can begin a programme of rehabilitation.

However, many addicts often find it hard to get to the point where they can even begin to contemplate an addiction detox. Denial forms a huge part of addiction, and it is something that prevents many addicts from getting the help they so desperately need.

Until they are ready to accept a diagnosis of addict, they will be unable to recover. Many family members struggle to get an addicted loved one to accept help, and in many instances, it will take an ultimatum or a health warning before he or she will finally realise the damage that the illness is doing.

Addiction Troubles

TV presenter Davina McCall’s struggles with alcohol and drugs are no secret, but the star has now opened up about how her life was a mess when she was abusing alcohol and heroin. She is a perfect example of how it is possible to overcome addiction and completely turn your life around. She has now written a self-help book so that other addicts can change their lives too.

Extracts from Davina’s new book, Lessons I’ve Learned, were published in the Daily Mail’s You magazine, where she reveals how bad things were before she finally got the help she needed. She said, “The drink and drugs were getting serious – not just a party thing any more – and I was a mess.”

With her life spiralling out of control and her drug use obvious to those closest to her, Davina’s best friend Sarah confronted her about her drug-taking habit. Davina said the pair were on the way to a Santana concert when Sarah said, “I know you’re lying to me, and I know you’ve been taking heroin.”

Davina’s reaction was typical of most addicts when tackled on the subject of their substance abuse. She said she was angry at being ‘called out’ and her response was to call Sarah ‘every name under the sun’.

However, the confrontation had the desired effect because it was not long after that Davina agreed to go to Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and the pair made up. Davina said, “I explained I knew she was right, and I wanted to change. She forgave me, and we had a massive cry. I went into the NA meeting that night, and my life changed.”


Many individuals with addiction are unwilling to accept being labelled as an addict. It may be that they simply cannot see the truth of their situation or that they would prefer to bury their heads in the sand. Some are even unwilling to accept that their substance abuse is causing problems to themselves or their loved ones because they are afraid of addiction detox and rehabilitation.

It is often easier to pretend the problem does not exist or to blame someone or something else for the situation they are in. Sadly, until an addict is able to accept the problem, he or she will be unable to recover.

Fear of Detox

Fear of addiction detox is often a huge barrier to recovery; many addicts believe that detox is going to be a painful procedure and that they will not be able to cope. These affected individuals often worry that they will fail, and many would rather not try than try and fail.

The reality is that addiction detox does not have to be a painful experience. With a supervised addiction detox programme, the most severe withdrawal symptoms can be prevented. The whole experience is generally safer and more comfortable than for those who decide to detox at home.

Fear of detox can prevent people from getting the help needed when it really does not have to. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, contact us here at Addiction Helper for advice and information on the various addiction detox clinics in your area.

After Detox

Once a programme of detoxification has been completed, the process of rehabilitation can begin. Treatment for addiction comes in many forms; it can be inpatient or outpatient based, and the type of treatment chosen will depend on personal circumstances and commitments as well as the severity of the addiction and one’s financial situation.

For advice on the treatment options available in your area or further afield, Addiction Helper’s friendly staff are here to help. We can assess your situation before providing you with information on the clinics and organisations where you will receive a tailored plan of treatment based on your needs.

Our professional and dedicated staff are available 24 hours a day and can help when it comes to finding addiction detox and rehabilitation clinics both here in the UK and abroad. Call today for more information.

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