Completing Addiction Detox and Achieving a Sober Life

Those battling a drug addiction may not know where to look for help when considering recovery options. In most cases, the first course of action is to complete an addiction detox, which involves eliminating all traces of the chemical substance from your system. However, a detox can be complicated, and the risk of severe symptoms is always present. Therefore, it is recommended to detox under medical supervision, in a rehabilitation clinic, for example.

There are many drug rehabilitation clinics around the UK and more being built every year; however, sometimes there can be issues and backlashes with the building of these facilities. Members of the public often react by protesting against a rehab centre being built in their area; this can be because of a perceived feeling that it would cast a ‘black mark’ on the community, or that they don’t want drug addicts to be hanging around their area. Unfortunately, very often this is due to the stigma that surrounds addiction. One example of this is the situation that is occurring in Sutton due to the proposed opening of a drug rehabilitation clinic there next year.


The drugs rehabilitation clinic, which has been officially approved, will be built in central Sutton in 2017 but it has caused some controversy. Sutton Council gave the drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre the go-ahead, with the facility expected to provide treatments and counselling to those battling addiction. Councillor for Sutton South, Tony Shields, said, “I’m not against drug rehab centres; I’m all for it. But I want it to be in a more private area because there is always a culture of problems where drugs are concerned. I know Cedar Road is easily accessible for a lot of people, but you have got to look at who it benefits more; 50 drug users or the wider community and I don’t think it’s residents. The centre is going to be in a lovely populated area, and they will be dishing out methadone, and it could lead to things going wrong. I’ll hold my hands up; I wouldn’t want it in my backyard, or my constituents’ yards.”

Helping Those Seeking Treatment

Nevertheless, lead councillor for public health, Colin Stears, has said that a partnership with INSPIRE would be a successful way to assist those suffering from addiction. “Sutton Council is expanding its borough-wide service for those affected by alcohol and drugs. The council has been working closely with Cranstoun, a charity with over 45 years’ experience of delivering specialist alcohol and drug treatment. The new service, INSPIRE, provided by Cranstoun and other local partners, will focus on clinical and psychological interventions, with health professionals always on hand to help those seeking treatment.”

Fully Compliant

He then went on to say, “A new site in Cedar Road is due to open in February 2017. It will offer sessions with health and social care professionals, primarily by prior appointment, with some open access as well. No drugs will be dispensed from this site, and it will be fully compliant with the requirements of the Care Quality Commission. We believe that this close partnership with such an experienced organisation is the best way to help those with drug and alcohol problems.”

Fear of Addiction Detox

Rehabilitation clinics like the one proposed for Sutton offer a variety of treatments to help addicts overcome their illnesses, including addiction detox and rehabilitation. The thought of going through a detox can be off-putting for some addicts, as they are frightened of what the procedure entails. What these individuals should remember though is that there will be nothing more rewarding than leading a sober and healthy lifestyle after a drug addiction. Any discomfort experienced during an addiction detox and recovery will only be temporary; the feeling of pride and general happiness once you are drug-free will last a lifetime.

For most, a detox will mean explicitly no use of drugs at any point during the detoxification process; the process is designed to rid the body of all toxins accumulated from years of substance abuse. Some people will experience discomfort while others will find the experience no worse than having the flu; the intensity will depend on how the body reacts, the drug abused, and the length of time the substance was abused.

The most effective way to complete an addiction detox is to do so under medical supervision; this minimises the risk of any complications and ensures that you will not give in to any temptations.

Committed and Motivated

Overcoming an addiction is not going to be easy, but with the right support, it is entirely possible. If you are truly committed and motivated to overcoming your addiction, contact us here at Addiction Helper today.

We will ensure that you find the most suitable clinic for your requirements and that any treatment you may require will be beneficial to you. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Source: Concerns raised over new drugs rehab centre in residential area in Sutton (Sutton Guardian)

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