Drug detox is a process in which a drug addicted user stops taking a chemical on which they have become dependent. This discontinuation of use causes the body to go through withdrawal symptoms. These withdrawal symptoms will vary greatly depending on the chemical, the length of use and the individual. Drug detox treatments consist of physical and mental adjustments to assist with withdrawal symptoms.

The goal of addiction detox is to remove toxic chemicals that have accumulated in the body from long-term drug use. There are many benefits to beginning the process of drug detoxification. The most obvious is to have the mind and body free of that drug dependency. Other benefits include regaining the ability to control behaviour.

Drug addiction leads people to do and say things that hurt their loved ones. This destroys relationships with friends and family. The successful removal of drugs and alcohol from an addict’s life means regaining control over his/her personal affairs.

Missing school or work and feeling sick in between use is a common affect of drug addiction. The physical and mental illness of drug addition is debilitating. Going through drug detox is a way to recover and stop the sick feeling that drug dependent users deal with. It is a way to end the constant cycle of looking for drugs.

Other benefits of drug detoxification include getting your life back together. This will vary according to each individual situation, however, drug addiction can be all controlling over a person’s life, preventing them from doing many of the productive things they would like to accomplish.