Addiction Helper is thrilled to be able to recommend clients to a new form of addiction detox that is faster and more natural than traditional approaches. It is a detox programme based on supplying the recovering addict with intravenous amino acids, minerals, and vitamins. An American doctor developed the therapy in the 1980s and it has been successful in treating certain forms of addiction, especially addictions to opiates and synthetic opiates.

We are interested in speaking to you if you would like to know more about amino acid detox. The treatment does not work for everyone, so it must be recommended on a case-by-case basis. Those who do find success with it also find they are able to get back to the normal routine they are used to fairly quickly – usually within 5 to 7 days.

Development of Amino Acid Detox

The late Dr William Hitt developed amino acid detox after decades of research. Dr Hitt was a well-respected physician and scientist who, along with his team, won the 1985 Nobel Peace Prize for their work in trying to prevent nuclear war. Dr Hitt was also personally recognised by the Mexican government with the Cientfico Destacado (Outstanding Scientist) award for his work in alcohol and drug recovery.

Hitt’s approach to alcohol and drug recovery rests in something known as neurotransmitter replacement (NTR) therapy. As you may know, neurotransmitters are brain chemicals responsible for moving electrical signals throughout the various portions of the brain. When a person uses drugs or alcohol, those neurotransmitters are thrown out of balance. Dr Hitt believed, and subsequently proved, that restoring neurotransmitters to a proper balance can help facilitate the detox process and promote long-term sobriety.

With the backing of the World Health Organisation, Dr Hitt opened his alcohol and drug recovery clinic in Mexico in the 1980s. The clinic was opened for the purposes of conducting controlled, clinical trials of NTR therapy with the participation of 3,000 recovering alcoholics and drug addicts. Following amino acid detox, 70% of the study participants were still clean after three years. That is 2 to 7 times the rate of most other traditional recovery approaches.

What NTR Is

Neurotransmitter replacement is the practice of replacing neurotransmitters in the brain that were lost by way of drug or alcohol use. Without amino acid detox, prescription medications are required to control withdrawal symptoms until the body has time to replace the neurotransmitters itself. Unfortunately, this approach can prolong the recovery process by weeks or months. Some people actually end up becoming addicted to the prescription drugs as a result.

NTR therapy is dramatically different in that it encourages the body to restore neurotransmitter balance naturally. Not only are prescription medications not needed, they cannot be used because they interfere with the amino acid being given to the patient.

Amino acid detox works best with addictions to opiates and synthetic opiates such as benzodiazepines. However, it has also shown very effective for alcoholism and other substance abuse problems. The most attractive benefit is one of time. Amino acid detox is considered rapid detox because the entire process can be completed in 5 to 7 days. Compared to more traditional detox programmes, the time element is outstanding.

For example, some synthetic opiates can take up to a month to fully withdraw from. When you add prescription medications into the mix, the withdrawal can be extended even further. Amino acid detox can cut that time to under a week, enabling recovering addicts to get back to normal life while also saving them money.

Amino Acid Detox Works

The implementation of amino acid detox is fairly straightforward. At the start of the treatment, the individual is intravenously hooked to a constant stream of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. Because treatment is done intravenously, the amino acid solution is sent directly to the brain where it can begin working immediately. The patient remains hooked to the IV for 5 to 8 hours per day for the duration of treatment.

The most important aspect to this treatment is getting the solution right for the individual patient. In order to make sure that happens, the patient is evaluated by a medical professional prior to beginning detox. With the right mixture of amino acids, vitamins and minerals, the intravenous solution does the following:

  • Chemical Balance – The amino acids in the solution go right to work to help rebalance neurotransmitters in the brain. Achieving the appropriate balance reduces withdrawal symptoms and encourages the brain to regain normal function as the amount of drugs or alcohol in the patient’s system gradually decreases.
  • Nutritional Balance – The vitamins and minerals in the solution restore nutritional balance that allows the body to naturally flush out the toxins within. This speeds up the detox and recovery process significantly.
  • Control of Cravings – With both chemical and nutritional balance restored, the recovering addict is less likely to have uncontrollably strong cravings. Some cravings may still be present, but these will be minimal by comparison. This makes the withdrawal process easier.
  • Mental Clarity – Lastly, restoring chemical and nutritional balance provides for mental clarity. This allows the recovering addict to better concentrate on recovery rather than having to struggle through a mental haze.

The completion of amino acid detox should result in a full recovery from a physical standpoint. The body will no longer need drugs or alcohol to function, nor will the individual be battling with strong cravings. To that end, amino acid detox is a good option for people who need to complete their treatment programmes and get back to work or family as quickly as possible. However, it must be understood that physical detox alone may not be enough for every recovering addict.

Amino Acid Detox Disclaimer

Amino acid detox is a treatment intended for physical detox only. Physical detox does nothing to address the psychological and emotional issues attached to substance abuse and addiction. Therefore, it may not work for everyone as the sole treatment for recovery. Some people will have to combine detox with other forms of treatments.

For best results, the recovering addict should combine amino acid detox with psychotherapeutic treatments that include counselling and support group participation. Organisations such as Narcotic Anonymous and One 2 One enjoy the greatest success rates when the services they provide are combined with amino acid detox.

Also be aware that amino acid detox works best with opiates such as heroin and synthetic opiates such as benzodiazepines, valium, and methadone. It works well for some people struggling with alcohol dependence; those with other addictions need to discuss the possibility of using amino acid detox with a trained clinician.

If you would like to know more about this promising new treatment approach now being used in the UK, please contact us here at Addiction Helper. We would be more than happy to answer questions and, if necessary, talk about arranging treatment on your behalf or on behalf of someone you know. If amino acid detox is not right in your situation, our counsellors will be able to recommend what is most appropriate.