There are many different types of addiction rehab clinics available in the UK and beyond. Where religious-based rehab is concerned, Christian rehab facilities tend to be the most popular type. A rehab facility bearing a Christian identity will incorporate a very specific religious philosophy into the rehab process.

It is not necessary to be a practising Christian in order to attend one of these facilities. However, it is understood that every client will fully participate in all the therapies as well as abiding by the rules and guidelines that accompany the programme.

If Christian rehab is something you are interested in, we can help you find an appropriate facility offering either inpatient or outpatient programmes. We are a confidential referral service tasked with the responsibility of helping you find the rehab treatment that is right for you. Whether you choose Christian rehab or a secular facility, we are dedicated to helping you get well.

Basics of Christian Rehab

There are some components common to every rehab facility regardless of its philosophy of operation. Those components include detox, counselling therapies, group support and so on. However, Christian rehab takes things a little bit further by also dealing with the spiritual component.

That spiritual philosophy rests in the belief that addiction issues are more than just physical or psychological dependencies. The driving force behind Christian rehab is the belief that there is a spiritual component to the human existence – a component that can only be addressed through spiritual means. Christian rehab is about helping the entire individual in body, mind, and spirit.

With that in mind, expect Christian rehab to deal with moral issues as well as physical and emotional. For example, a Christian drug or alcohol rehab clinic will embrace the 12-step programme originally offered by Alcoholics Anonymous in the 1930s. That programme embraces the existence of a higher power to whom programme participants look for help in overcoming addiction.

In addition to standard treatment methods, Christian facilities also make use of bible study, prayer, and religious services. Most of the clinics employ at least one ministerial professional along with medical professionals and support staff.

Private and Charitable Organisations

Some Christian rehab services are operated by private organisations who charge for their services. As such, their fees are typically on par with what is offered by private, secular rehab centres. Funding options will also be similar, including private insurance coverage.

The majority of Christian rehab facilities however, are run as ministries by various religious organisations. Many of these organisations exist on an international scale. They offer drug and alcohol addiction recovery as a public ministry rather than a business. However, don’t worry; the quality of services they offer is just as good as what you’ll find in a for-profit clinic.

How do charitable Christian rehab centres operate financially? Their funding comes from a variety of sources:

  • Private Donations – When Christian rehab charities are sponsored by local churches or national denominations, they are also funded primarily by their own members. Members see drug and alcohol rehab as an opportunity to give back to their communities through ministry opportunities. Even facilities that are independent in nature will still receive significant funding from private donations.

  • Corporate Donations – Throughout Europe, it is common for large corporations and small businesses to be cognisant of their social responsibilities. As such, some contribute to drug and alcohol rehab facilities as a matter of course. Corporate contributions can go a long way toward helping Christian rehab centres remain open.

  • Government Grants – Although most funding for charitable rehab organisation comes from private and corporate donations, government grants are made available from time to time. Governments know that money spent on funding these organisations is often better utilised on behalf of alcohol and drug addicts.

Admission to Christian Rehab

As we mentioned earlier, you do not necessarily have to be a Christian believer in order to avail yourself of this type of rehab. However, you will have to agree to abide by the rules and regulations the facility has in place. You will not be able to opt out simply because you do not like the religious nature of the facility.

That said, Christian rehab is most often utilised by those who claim to be Christian believers. And yes, even Christian believers can fall victim to drug and alcohol addiction. Always keep in mind that addiction does not discriminate according to religion, race, economic status or any other factor.

If you are Christian believer, you will probably find this type of rehab more helpful then secular rehab. The Christian philosophy will likely be better suited to your temperament and belief system as well. But remember that the attitude you adopt toward rehab still plays a most important role in determining whether you will succeed or not.

Where cost is concerned, that will depend on the alcohol/drug rehab centre you choose. If it’s a for-profit centre, you’ll be able to arrange financing through private health insurance, a credit card account, a personal loan, or some other means of financial assistance. If the centre operates on a charitable basis, there will likely be no upfront cost you.

Get Help Today

Christian rehab is just one option in the world of drug and alcohol recovery. However, it can only help you if you are willing to seek treatment. Are you?

If you are, today is the day to get started. Every day you wait is another one wasted in the prison of drug or alcohol addiction. By making the decision to seek treatment today, you will be starting down the road to recovery and a life free of substance abuse. So what are you waiting for?

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