Cheapest Rehab in the UK

Imagine yourself or a loved one struggling with an addiction to alcohol, codeine, cocaine or any number of other substances. Knowing the serious consequences of addiction, are you willing to trust rehab to a facility whose only focus is how cheap their prices are? Probably not.

It’s not that you want to spend more money than is necessary, but rehabilitation is about helping the addict get his or her life back. It’s not about finding rock-bottom prices that might lead you to a clinic that cuts corners or is not truly interested in the long-term success of clients. The point here is this: cheap is not always best when it comes to drug and alcohol rehab.

What to Look For with Cheap rehabs

The first thing to consider when looking for a rehab centre is the credentials of those who own and operate the facility. Although there are exceptions to the rule, the best facilities are going to be owned by companies or agencies with a proven track record of helping those with addictions. Furthermore, the workers who staff the facility will have the education and experience necessary to do their jobs effectively.

Here are some other things you should look for:

  • Documented success rates
  • Endorsements from professionals
  • A clear path for client success
  • A welcoming attitude toward families of clients.

Never be afraid to ask for references before agreeing to enroll yourself or a loved one in a rehabilitation program. If you ask for a reference before replacing your roof or fixing your car, why would you not do the same for something so much more serious?

Cheap Rehabs have Varying Treatment Methods

You will notice in your search for a rehab centre that there are several different treatment methods used to break addictions. They are:

  • Detoxification – A detox program is designed to make sure the individual is drug-free as quickly as possible. It can be done by eliminating the drugs totally and completely, leaving the addict to suffer through withdrawal until it’s over. Another option for some facilities is to use medications to gradually wean the patient from his addiction.
  • Rehabilitation – A rehabilitation program focuses less on detox and more on the root causes of alcohol addiction. Rehab uses group therapy, counselling, and other means to teach addicts how to cope with those emotional and mental stresses that lead them to abuse drugs.
  • Combined Treatment – The cheapest rehab centres may use just one of the previous methods. However, the best facilities combine the two for an overall program that includes both detoxification and rehabilitation. Combining the two increases the chances of permanent success substantially.

Regardless of the preferred treatment, it is important for the addict to receive proper aftercare. This additional treatment provides follow-up and monitoring as a means of making sure the addict does not relapse. Aftercare can include continued group therapy, one-on-one counselling, maintenance medications, and job training.

When a person is suffering from drug addiction, he doesn’t need a program that is cheap and ineffective. He needs a rehabilitation centre with the skill, compassion, and motivation to help him break his addictive behaviour. If a cheap facility can be found that meets the criteria, that’s great. If not, it’s still better to spend more money on a good facility.

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