Can I go to rehab if I work full time?

Full time employment is often a presumed barrier to residential treatment. For those functioning addicts who are still managing to hold down a job, their fear is losing the one piece of normality they have in their life. However, it is still possible to enter residential treatment and maintain employment.

Some people will choose to take annual leave, however in most instances the person will not have enough holiday owing to take 4-8 weeks off. Therefore, the majority of people will get themselves signed off sick – this can either be done by the persons own GP, or in some circumstances by the GP that admits the client to rehab. For those who do not wish for their employer to know about their addiction, it is possible to be signed off for anxiety or depression (as long as this is present, and in most addicts it will be).

An additional option offered in some cases is for the drug rehab staff to speak with the employers. They will usually approach the employer in confidence (not using the client’s name) and obtain an agreement that they would be happy for the employee to take some time away to get well, and will guarantee their job will still be open when they leave treatment. In many cases the employer is already aware that the person is having difficulties and is relieved they are getting help.

When people use their employment as a reason why they can’t enter rehab, I will often as them “how long are you going to be able to keep your job if you carry on this way?” The usual response is either that the person thinks they will be fired or will end up dead. The fact is you can get another job, you can’t get another life.

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