Addiction Support Service Loses Funding on New Years Day

An addiction support service in Helensburgh, which is facing closure, has told of how people from Argyll and Bute will die if they cannot find new sources of funding for the service. The funding is due to be withdrawn on January 1st 2015 after the council awarded the contract to a London based charity.

Helensburgh Addiction Rehabilitation Team (HART) will see their £90.000 funding cut and the Service Users Recovery Group (SURG) chairperson, Les Rutter has said that some of HART’s clients will no doubt die as a result. SURG represents approximately 20 people currently using HART.

Lack of Communication

The main problem seems to be the lack of communication with the community and there is concern that the changeover will cause distress for users of the service with no out-of-hours cover for those in desperate need of it. Helensburgh and Lomond MSP Jackie Baillie has called for a review of the tendering process and said that, “It’s disgraceful that vulnerable people in Helensburgh still do not know who they can turn to for help once the service which they rely on is disbanded in the new year. Argyll and Bute Council has serious questions to answer about the process and the decision to award the contract to Addaction Scotland. I find it difficult to believe that one organisation working across the whole of Argyll and Bute can offer the same level of service with less staff and resources than local providers.”

However, the council has vehemently denied any claims of wrongdoing during the tendering process, claiming that it was ‘open and robust’. The council has claimed that a national provider will benefit those in need, but half of HART’s users have refused to give their personal details to the new service provider.

How Could This Change Affect Those in Recovery

Addiction support services are vital to those in recovery and a change like this could affect the most vulnerable people at a time of year when things may already be quite difficult. Not knowing where to turn can be detrimental to the recovery of an addict and taking away something that they are familiar with can cause untold distress.

Christmas can be difficult for addicts as there are many more temptations to be avoided at this time of year. Although it is supposed to be a time of joy and giving, it can also be a time when stressful situations come to a head. Financial worries can cause recovering addicts to head for the nearest bottle or to look for the drug they were addicted to and, without being able to access the support service they have come to rely on, they could find themselves heading for a relapse.

Where to Get Help

It is important for people to know there are many places from which they can get help. Addiction Helper is a website dedicated to helping those suffering with many types of addiction. We can offer advice on various treatment options. We offer a free service and help addicts find the most suitable treatment, be it private drug rehab or NHS treatments.

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