Why Teenage Addiction Needs to be Treated Immediately

A chaotic family life can affect children in a devastating way. Illness, domestic abuse, divorce, and drug addiction can all shape the way a child grows up, with some even developing similar problems. Take addiction, for example. While most people would assume that the children of addicts would grow up to avoid substances such as alcohol or drugs, the opposite is often true. Many children of addicts develop addictions when they get older as this is normal for them, and it is the only way they know how to cope.

There are many reasons why individuals turn to drugs and alcohol, and even children from homes where there is no history of addiction can become addicted to substances when dealing with trauma and tragedy.

Cocaine Abuse

Jack Black has recently spoken out about how his parent’s divorce affected him so badly that by the age of fourteen, he was abusing cocaine. The comedian and movie star said he was enrolled in a school for troubled teens and admitted that during this period of his life he can remember a lot of turmoil. He said, “I was having a lot of troubles with cocaine. I was hanging out with some pretty rough characters. I was scared to go to school. One of them wanted to kill me. I wanted to get out of there.”

Despite his early problems with cocaine, Jack managed to turn his life around by enrolling in a Santa Monica arts high school. It was here that he first met his wife, Tanya Haden. The couple were married in 2006 and had two sons.

Jack was lucky that he did not succumb to cocaine drug addiction, but others who abuse illegal drugs are not so fortunate.

Dangers of Drug Addiction

Many teenagers who begin abusing drugs at a young age will go on to develop devastating addictions. Drugs such as cannabis, cocaine and heroin are all addictive and can destroy lives. Peer pressure, curiosity, boredom, and bullying can all lead to teenagers taking drugs or drinking alcohol and, while most will not develop addictions, some will go on to develop dependencies to these substances, which can ultimately take over their lives.

Teenagers with drug addiction may be at risk of falling behind in their school work and suffering from damaged relationships. Their health will be in danger if they continue to abuse substances such as alcohol and drugs, so they will need help as soon as possible.

What to Do if you Think You May Have an Addiction

If you are concerned that your drinking or drug taking may be getting out of hand, it could be the case that you have already developed a dependency. If you find it hard to stop drinking or taking drugs once you start or drink more alcohol than you intended, then you may have an addiction.

The first thing to do is speak to someone who can help. This will usually be your parents, but if you feel as though you cannot talk to your mum or dad then maybe you could approach a trusted teacher or your GP.

Alternatively, you could contact one of our advisors here at Addiction Helper. They will listen to you and will deal with your case in the strictest confidence. They will either confirm your suspicions or put your mind at ease. If they feel that you do indeed have an addiction, they will put you in touch with an experienced counsellor or therapist for a full assessment, from which you will be given a referral for treatment.

Call Addiction Helper today for more information on how we can assist. Teenagers and drug addiction are two things that should not, but sometimes do go together. Seek help if you have concerns.


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