Many teenagers experiment with drug use. Most teenagers who do so partake because of a combination of peer pressure, curiosity and rebellion. If you suspect that a teenager close to you is using drugs, there are a number of signs to look out for when it comes to drug addiction.

Physical Signs

Physical signs of drug use include rapid weight loss or gain and dilated pupils or bloodshot eyes. A teenager who suddenly appears to not care about their physical appearance and personal grooming could also have started using drugs. Likewise, any physical tremors or slurred speech coupled with impaired co-ordination could be warning signs.

Behavioural Signs

A decline in performance at school could be symptomatic of drug use as the drugs affect the teenager’s ability to focus and concentrate on their school work. A sudden change in the circle of friends is a warning sign for a number of reasons. In many cases, the new friends may be enabling or facilitating the drug use whilst the old friends may disapprove of the new activity. An unexplained need for money coupled with increased absence around the house is also a danger sign.

Psychological Signs

Mood swings over and above those normally expected from a teenager or a sudden change in personality are two big pointers towards teenage drug use. Also worth looking for are periods of hyperactivity or excessive lethargy. If a teenager seems anxious or paranoid without any reason, there could be a drug-related reason for this. Teenagers and drug addiction are two things that should not, but sometimes do go together. Seek help if you have concerns.