Devastated Mother Urges Teenagers Not to Use Drugs

The heartbroken mother of an American teenager has taken to Facebook to highlight the dangers of drugs to other youngsters. Kelly Smith-Miller took to the social media site hoping that other teenagers will be deterred from using drugs once they hear the tragic tale of her son Brayden Travis.

Brayden is just eighteen years old; after taking a cocktail of Xanax and heroin, he overdosed and was left at a friend’s house for seven hours without much-needed medical attention. The teenager suffered a stroke as well as severe brain damage, and both his kidneys and lungs failed. Doctors have told his parents it is unlikely that he will ever recover, and he may be left in a vegetative state.

Drug Awareness

Kelly is hoping that by highlighting Brayden’s story, she can help to save lives. As well as telling the world about what happened to Brayden, Kelly has posted a photograph of her stricken son, lying in his hospital bed attached to wires and tubes and with a machine breathing for him.

However, the mother feels that by doing this, she may make more young people aware of the dangers of drug abuse and, in turn, help to save lives. She said, “He wouldn’t want this for anyone else and he would tell anyone not to use drugs … ever! I can tell you he tried to fight this addiction and I pray this time it hasn’t won!”

Hoping for a Miracle

Doctors told Brayden’s parents that he should have been dead because of the damage his body sustained but, against all odds, he has stabilised and is now breathing on his own. Despite reactions being inconsistent, he is in and out of consciousness. His mother says that she will not give up on her son, even though doctors are not expecting a positive outcome.

Drug Addiction

Brayden suffered from a drug addiction for around three years, having first started smoking cannabis. He then developed an addiction to heroin and spent time in around five or six treatment programmes. His addiction saw him spending eight months in juvenile detention.

Brayden had been living with his father Todd at the time of his overdose; his father had believed that he was doing well until that fateful day. Todd is also praying that his son will recover and has asked people to pray for him.

Family Suffering

The families of addicts suffer greatly because of a loved one’s drug addiction. Seeing someone you love being taken over and controlled by an addiction is heartbreaking, especially when, often, there is nothing you can do about it.

An addiction is an illness that changes the way a person’s brain acts and reacts. The cravings or compulsions can be so intense that it is difficult to think of anything else. In many cases, the person with the addiction will neglect other areas of their lives, including family relationships.

Many family members find it hard to understand how their once-loving relative is acting in this way and fail to comprehend that the affected person frequently has no control over their actions. It is often an excruciating time for everyone involved.

Getting Help

Help is available for addiction though, and family members of those suffering can find free support and advice from Addiction Helper. If someone you love is suffering and you do not know where to turn, Addiction Helper can provide you with information and advice on where your loved one can find suitable treatments.

We can also help with information on how to deal with a loved one’s addiction and advise on how to stage an intervention. For more information, call Addiction Helper today. Teenagers and drug addiction are two things that should not, but sometimes do go together. Seek help if you have concerns.


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