Some students will almost see it as great opportunity to experiment with alcohol and drugs during their time at university or college. This may be your first taste of living away from home, and you may be keen to make the most out of this freedom from home and parents. The problem is that substance abuse can steal your freedom even before you have a chance to enjoy it. It can seriously stop you from enjoying your time during your student life, don’t let it.


What is Ketamine?

Interesting Fact: Sharing of needles for injecting Ketamine can transfer incurable diseases like HIV/AIDS.

Ketamine has been used in the past as a horse tranquiliser; it is a type of anaesthesia drug. It is still used in hospitals on humans as well – must usually in emergencies. Ketamine can be used as a general anaesthetic, a very strong painkiller, and for the treatment of bronchospasm.

Street Names for Ketamine

Ketamine can be referred to by a number of names, including:

  • special K
  • K
  • super C
  • jet
  • super acid
  • bump
  • vitamin K
  • honey oil.

Why do People Take Ketamine?

People who deliberately take Ketamine will be doing so because they want to enjoy the often euphoric and dissociative effects of the drug. It is common for people to have an ‘out-of-body’ experience when taking this substance – the same thing many people report in near-death experiences.

Ketamine is often used illegally as a powerful date-rape drug. It is odourless and tasteless so is easy to slip inside a person’s drink. The right dose will cause complete amnesia, making affected individuals an easy target for sexual predators. Be sure to keep an eye on your drinks when you are out just to be completely sure this doesn’t happen to you. Also be wary of who you accept drinks from, make sure you only accept drinks from people you can trust and stay with friends throughout the night in case anyone is in danger from being spiked.


Dangers of Ketamine

Ketamine is a very dangerous drug for a number of reasons.

Interesting Fact: Ketamine may increase the effects of other sedatives, including but not limited to: benzodiazepines, barbiturates, opiates/opioids, anesthetics and alcohol.
  • It can be used for date rape.
  • Some people can have a severe allergic reaction, and this could kill them.
  • Regular users of this drug may experience a deterioration to their mental health.
  • It can lead to memory problems.
  • Ketamine can cause permanent brain damage.
  • People can do things they later deeply regret while under the influence of this substance.

Get Help for Ketamine Abuse

If students regularly use Ketamine, it can begin to cause serious problems in their life. The individual will find it difficult to quit taking the drug because of how much they enjoy how it makes them feel. They make promises to stop later but the day when they quit just never comes. The longer people abuse Ketamine, the more it is likely to cause lasting damage in their life. Waiting too long is likely to mean brain damage or death.

It can be difficult for individuals to break away from Ketamine abuse without help, so in many instances the best option will be to enter rehab. Here they will be able to get the support they need to quit, and they can pick up some tools that they can use to build a new life free from addiction. Read more about children and students with addictions in our student addiction guide.