One of the drugs that students at university or college often come across is amphetamines. This type of drug is often appealing as it has the effect of giving you a lot of energy. Amphetamines are a nasty drug though, often leading students into a whole lot of trouble. See the student addiction guide article on Amphetamine as follows:


What is Amphetamine?

Amphetamine is a type of drug classed as a stimulant. It works by increasing levels of a hormone in the body called dopamine, which in turn stimulates the central nervous system. Caffeine is a mild type of stimulant, but other versions include cocaine and MDMA.

Other Names for Amphetamine

Amphetamine can go by a number of different names, including:

  • speed
  • whizz
  • pep pills
  • uppers
  • powder.

Why Do Students Use Amphetamine?

Interesting Fact: Amphetamine acts on both the serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain; this is what gives the “feel good” sensation of the drug.

Amphetamines have become a popular drug with some students for a number of reasons, including:

  • giving them the energy on nights out
  • feelings of euphoria
  • helping them to study for long periods without any need for sleep
  • possibly helping in weight loss
  • meaning that they can drink alcohol all night long without appearing drunk.

The Dangers of Amphetamine

Amphetamine is a nasty drug for a number of reasons:

  • It is not necessary to take this drug for too long before developing a psychological addiction. In fact, some students just take it once and are hooked.
  • It is easy to become caught in a downward spiral where the person needs to keep taking more of the drug in order to function.
  • Amphetamine can have a bad impact on mental health – it could easily lead to psychosis.
  • It can lead to rapid weight loss and nutritional deficiencies.
  • People can make very bad decisions when they take this drug.
  • It can cause individuals to become suicidal.
  • It can trigger heart failure.
  • It causes chronic insomnia – the individual may struggle for a long time to resume a normal sleeping pattern, even after they stop using this drug.
  • Some people become very aggressive when they are using amphetamine.
  • Those who abuse this drug tend to become very paranoid.
  • It makes it very difficult to concentrate on anything – this is why it really is a mistake to use amphetamine when studying.
  • People abusing this drug will often have a noticeable decline in their physical appearance.
  • It can causes a loss of interest in sex, as well as impotence issues.
  • Amphetamine can damage different organs in the body.


Staying Safe When Taking Amphetamines

If you decide to take Amphetamine, you should take some precautionary steps such as:

  • Do not take more than 60mg as this can have severe effects on your mind and body.
  • Keep friends/trusted people around at all times in case you end up in danger.
  • Stay in a safe place, particularly inside.
  • If you feel that you may be having a heart attack or any sort of physical and/or mental problem, call 999 immediately.
    Interesting Fact: Studies have shown Amphetamine to be the 3rd most commonly abused drug in the UK after Alcohol and Cannabis.

How to Deal with Amphetamine Addiction

Once a student become hooked on amphetamine, it can be very difficult for them to break away from this addiction without help. The problem is further complicated by the fact that many affected individuals may also have other addictions, such as to alcohol. In many cases, the best option is for the person to enter rehab. Here they will not only be given help to break away from addiction, but they will also be given the tools to build a good life in recovery.