We have spent over 4 years and worked with a number of international partners to create the world’s first all inclusive Space Rehab facility.

Based on the International Space Station orbiting 220 miles above earth you will be cared for by the world’s leading experts in addiction who will help you understand your addiction and promote the return of physical and mental well being.

The Treatment Process

Once collected at a location of your choice you will be flown by private aircraft to our Russian treatment centre where you will immediately begin to work with your personal addiction counsellor to build a bespoke treatment program based around your personal requirements.

Once the treatment plan is in place and a short space travel assessment is completed you will travel to the launch site for your journey to the International Space Station.

On arrival at the International Space Station you will be briefed by the station commander and be provided with a private room for the duration of your stay.

Treatment begins right away and you will take part in educational workshops, physical exercise including yoga and meditation, and daily counselling sessions with both your onboard team and mission control ground crew.

At the end of your 30 day treatment program you will return to earth and reunited with your friends and family. A long term aftercare package will be provided to make sure that your life changing experience results in long term freedom from addiction.

Travel Information

All space travel launches originate from Russia which is also the home to our Space Rehab treatment centre. As part of our fully inclusive service we will arrange and provide all visas, documentation and flights to make your entry into Space Rehab as smooth as possible.

Day 1

You and your party will be collected by private driver and taken to a local airport where you will board a privately chartered aircraft to take you directly to our treatment centre

Day 2

In the morning your initial assessment will be carried out and our team will build a bespoke program around your individual needs. During the time you are with your counsellor the rest of your party will be provided with access to our team to have any questions answered. In the evening you are free to enjoy a traditional nights entertainment with your friends and family.

Day 3

You will be taken to the launch site ready to blast off on your 40 hour journey to Space Rehab. During the trip you will have the full support of our onboard crew and ground control support team.

Return Day

After your Space Rehab treatment has been completed you will return to earth and be reunited with your family and friends. We will provide a fully escorted trip by private aircraft to your home destination where our team will be waiting to manage your aftercare treatment package.


Your Questions Answered

How much does Space Rehab Cost?

Space travel is the most expensive form of transport and due to the limited availability and resources required to arrange a trip we base pricing on a person by person basis. We would estimate a minimum budget of $15.000.000 USD to take part in Space Rehab.

What's the difference between normal Rehab & Space Rehab?

Space Rehab is a specially tailored program with access to the leading addiction and space travel experts in the world. The Space Rehab treatment programs offers a once in a lifetime experience which less than 1% of the world's population will ever experience.

Can I bring friend's / family to Space Rehab?

We are happy to provide transport to our Russian launch base for your friends and family who can stay with you during your training and ground treatment. Unfortunately they will not be able to take part in the Space Rehab journey to the International Space Station due to limited access.

What sort of space transport is used?

We currently use the Soyuz ACTS for our transportation to the International Space Station. The Soyuz ACTS is the latest in a long line of space transportation rockets and offers comfort and reliability during the flight.

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