Location and Profile

This rehab facility is in Edinburgh, Scotland. It has been operating since 1988, and has helped many people to break away from addiction so they can go on to live a good life. The program offered by this treatment program is based on the idea that addiction is a disease and therefore the only real option is lifelong abstinence. This facility is committed to using all the available approaches to addiction recovery that are likely to be beneficial. They are more concerned with finding what works for the client rather than sticking religiously to one particular approach.

Addictions Treated

  • Alcoholism
  • Drug addiction
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Opiate abuse
  • Stimulant abuse\
  • Gambling
  • Barbiturate abuse

Clients with a dual diagnosis will be accepted at this facility. This is where the individual has a mental health problem such as depression alongside their addiction.

Staff Ethos

The staff at this facility are committed to continuing their reputation for being one of the best addiction rehabs in the UK. The staff are all committed to their work, and they treat clients with the utmost respect. The ethos of this facility is that not only does the client deserve to change their life for the better, but also that they already have much of the inner resources needed to accomplish this.


This is a large facility with 121 registered beds. Nine of these beds are set aside for clients who are going through detox. There are 40 en suite rooms and 20 shared rooms (these have three or more beds). This facility is on 50 acres of stunning Scottish countryside, so residents will be able to enjoy plenty of natural beauty during their stay. The rehab is in a rural location and offers a high degree of privacy.

The Treatment Team

An expert team is on hand to help the individual overcome their addiction problems. The team is led by a consultant psychiatrist and includes doctors, nurses, therapists, and support staff. This facility is very prestigious and some of the staff members have moved thousands of miles in order to have a chance to work here. This means that all the team is dedicated and well respected within their professions.

The Treatment Program

When clients first arrive at this facility, they will undergo a comprehensive assessment. This is in order to discover their needs and to create the most appropriate care plan. This assessment will continue throughout the program to ensure that the client is always following an appropriate care package. This facility uses an eclectic mix of addiction recovery approaches including:

  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • 12 Step work
  • Therapeutic community
  • Family therapy
  • Group therapy
  • One to one key worker therapy

Best Suited For

This facility will be willing to accept males and females aged between 17 and 90 years of age. In order to get the most out of this program the individual will need to be committed to long-term abstinence.

Disabled Access

This facility has full wheelchair access. There is also one room that offers full disability access.

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