A specialist alcohol treatment centre that’s the only one of its kind in the UK. Set within the grounds of an 18th century manor house, it accommodates just six clients so an extremely high level of personal care can be provided.

Addictions treated: Alcohol

Accommodation: Clients stay in single-occupancy, large en-suite bedrooms. A tranquil, discreet environment, staffed by support workers 24/7. Facilities include a putting green, spa house, cinema room, pool table and computer with internet access.

Ethos: A non-institutionalised safe, positive place where clients have the opportunity to explore and identify changes required to maintain an alcohol-free life.

Treatment: An individually tailored programme to guide clients as they rebuild their lives. It helps them gain confidence and self-worth, and to set goals that will lead them to a healthy life. It follows the 12 step approach, and includes medically-assisted detoxification, cognitive behavioural therapy, individual counselling and group work, and holistic therapy. Clients are encouraged to spend time in the beautiful gardens or to pamper themselves in the hot tub and with therapeutic massages. Families can visit in the evenings and at weekends.

Staff: Skilled counsellors, therapists, a doctor, nurse and psychiatrist who use their personal and professional experiences to really make a difference. They are supported by care workers and holistic therapists.


The Clinic is discreetly situated in the South West of Glasgow in Central Scotland and within close proximity to airports and local train stations. The clinic offers Alcohol detox only treatments, one of the UKs only detox and rehabilitation units specializing in the treatment of Alcohol only clients. The Primary care program offers a minimum of 4 weeks residential rehabilitation, including a medically assisted detox if required.

Addictions Treated

  • Alcohol dependency
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Binge drinking
  • Mental disorders associated with alcoholism

Staff Ethos

The staff at this clinic are very passionate about recovery from Alcoholism, and whilst they believe that individuals suffering from alcoholism do not choose to live that way, they do believe that recovery is a choice that can be embraced by anyone who wants it. The clinic was originally founded by the rehabs Clinical Director, who has personal experience of alcoholism and recovery. The environment is caring and compassionate and staff have a deep understanding of how alcoholism effects the sufferer and their family, friends and loved ones. They bring together a wealth of experience and skills to help the individual make positive choices and changes to their life. They believe in a total abstinence approach to alcohol and that if the individual is willing and has the capacity to be honest and compassionate to others, then they never need drink again.


The Clinic is small and very discreet, offering accommodation for only 6 primary care patients at any one time. This clinic is ideal for someone who is perhaps anxious or in need of intensive support and care. The accommodation is homely and very comfortable, furnished to a high standard.

The Treatment Team

The clinics team consists of several members of highly skilled and qualified and experienced staff, including Counsellors, a Doctor and a Psychiatrist; with the day to day running of the clinic being overseen and led by the rehabs Clinical Director. The staff have a caring and empathetic approach which they couple with their own personal experience and understanding of alcoholism and the recovery process.

The Treatment Program

The rehab clinic offers an intensive and structured alcohol treatment program. The program includes elements of REBT (Rational Emotive Behaviour Techniques) and CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy). This is combines with Person Centred Counselling, Motivational Interviewing and the 12 Step model of abstinence and relapse prevention. The clinic also encourages a healthy lifestyle and clients have access to a gym, swimming pool and dietary advice as part of their treatment time table

Clients treatment needs are assessed on an individual basis and individuals attending the clinic are treated as a whole, using a person centred approach, and not just as an addiction to alcohol. The treatment day consists of group therapy, workshops, holistic therapies and one to one counselling. Clients engaging in the treatment program will be expected to regularly attend 12 step fellowship meetings and planned activities in the evenings. The treatment environment is very supportive and encouraging, incorporating advice and support sessions for the family also.

Best Suited For

This rehab clinic is best suited to individuals who are looking to overcome their addiction to alcohol. It is not suitable for any individuals with multiple addictions or addictions to other substances. The clinic is a private residential unit providing a caring and supportive structured environment for those wishing to overcome their alcohol problem. The clinic also offers professional Psychiatric care and support to those suffering from alcohol related mental health problems, usually anxiety and mood disorders. The clinic has strict admission policies in relation to violence and sexual offences, ensuring that their clients are kept safe at all times. As the Clinic is small, it is ideal for someone looking for a quiet and high care approach from the clinics staff.

Disabled Access

The Glasgow clinic is suitable for individuals with mild to moderate levels of physical disability. However for someone with severe mobility problems they do not have the necessary equipment or staff to accommodate.

For more information on treatment programs, cost and booking availability for this clinic, please call our Addiction Helper 24 hour helpline

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