Addictions treated: Alcohol, drugs, gambling.

Accommodation: The six week programme is accessed by day patient attendance with on-site accommodation available if required.

Ethos: To help clients live a contented life without the need for mood altering substances.

Treatment: A holistic approach that addresses the physical, psychological, mental and social implications of addiction. The programme has a structure of changes which develop the programme’s philosophy over six weeks. If required, detoxification under the supervision of skilled medical staff is provided. Family support and aftercare is also offered.

Staff: A qualified team of specialists led by a Clinical Director.

Location and Profile

This facility is located in Aberdeen. The program here has helped hundreds of individuals to break away from addiction and achieve permanent abstinence. In order to make this possible the client is supported and given the tools they will need for success. The residential program is comprehensive and provided in an environment that is conducive to recovery.

Addictions Treated

  • Substance abuse
  • Alcohol addiction
  • Drug addiction
  • Dual diagnosis – this is where the individual has another mental health problem such as depression alongside their addiction.

Staff Ethos

The staff members at this facility are committed to helping clients deal with the roots of their addiction and not just the symptoms. This is done by helping the client understand their previous behaviour, and the driving force behind it. The team views its role to not only help the client but also their family. The overall aim of the team is to promote positive change that will take the individual in a much better direction in life.


There are a number of supported houses where clients will stay as they are receiving treatment. This helps to ensure that they enjoy a homely and comfortable environment, so that they will be able to feel protected and secure. The accommodation that is provided is all to a high standard and clients can expect a good deal of luxury. Each client will get their own room.

The Treatment Team

The team at this rehab facility come from a variety of professional backgrounds. They are all highly skilled and dedicated. The therapists and counsellors work alongside the client to help them discover the approach to recovery that is going to work best for them. This facility is also happy to make use of holistic therapies that will be able to help the individual physically, mentally, and spiritually. The team is happy to use any approach to recovery that has been proven to be effective.

The Treatment Program

The treatment program at this facility uses an eclectic mix of approaches including:

  • DEAP is a mixed approach that contains elements of cognitive behavioural therapy, psychodrama, and Gestalt. The treatment is divided into 4 distinct stages; contemplation, creating a life story, preparation for action and coping with compulsive behaviour.
  • The RAMP program uses 24 sessions of group therapy to help the individual become ready for lasting sobriety.
  • Family therapy involves the whole family in the recovery process.
  • 12 Step work
  • Back to work programs (STAR)

Best Suited For

This program is open to males and females who are aged over 18. It offers a diverse range of approaches, and this means that it is likely to work for most people trying to overcome addiction. They have a good track record, and so long as the client is motivated they should find success with the help of this rehab.

Disabled Access

All the buildings that are used as part of this rehab have wheelchair access, but they do not advertise as providing disabled access rooms.

For more information on treatment programs, cost and booking availability for this clinic, please call our Addiction Helper 24 hour helpline

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