Zopiclone Addiction

Prescription Drugs AddictionZopiclone is a tranquiliser, or sleeping pill used to treat insomnia which is considered by some to be more addictive than benzodiazepines. Put simply, Zopiclone works by increasing a chemical within the body which relaxes the Central Nervous System, therefore allowing the individual to sleep.

It is recommended that Zopiclone is only ever taken on a short-term basis, normally a period of one week or less. This is because the body becomes used to functioning at the level created by the use of Zopiclone, and so when it is removed or the dose is lowered, the body will rebel against the changes and produce withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms can include anxiety, racing heart, tremors, sweating, further insomnia, convulsions, palpitations, and flushes. Extreme cases can also cause seizures and delirium.

How is Zopiclone addiction treated?

The detox programme for Zopiclone will vary depending on where the detox takes place. Some facilities advocate a weaning off process, where the dose is cut down very gradually over a number of weeks. Other facilities will substitute Zopiclone with Diazepam, then wean off the Diazepam which can be an easier process.

As with any drug addiction, there will be a psychological aspect of the prescription drug addiction that will also need to be dealt with. Addictions counselling on both a group and one-to-one basis will help the person to identify the triggers that cause them to use, get to the route of the problem, and teach coping strategies in order for the person to avoid later relapse.

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