Prescription drug abuse is becoming increasingly common in the UK.Addicts often favour prescription drugs because they are easier to obtain than illegal substances.However, there are warning signs that prescription drug abuse could be a problem.
Sometimes prescription drug abuse leads to dramatic changes in behaviour.In adults this could be manifested as a withdrawal from activities that the individual used to enjoy or a tendency to be reclusive.In teenagers it could be a dramatic drop in performance at school or work.Addicts may also experience abrupt mood swings, while increased paranoia, annoyance, irritability and secrecy can also be signs of prescription drug abuse.
Continuing to use a prescription drug without an apparent improvement in condition could also indicate drug addiction.Faking symptoms, switching doctors regularly or increasing the amount of drug taken are common signs of prescription drug addiction.An individual who is dependent on prescription drugs will spend an inordinate amount of time trying to obtain the drugs without arousing suspicion.
Other signs to be aware of include dramatic changes in appearance, sudden weight loss or lack of attention to personal hygiene.Sleeping and eating habits may also change.
The presence of drug related paraphernalia could be an indication of prescription drug abuse.More empty bottles in the bins or always having a bottle of pills to hand might also be warning signs.A member of the family may become aware that their own medication is disappearing faster than normal, which could be due to someone else in the household taking it for recreational purposes.