Recovering from a drug addiction, whether it is to an illegal substance, like heroin or a prescription drug, can be a long process.Sometimes, psychological illnesses or traumas underlie the addiction and in this case treatment by medical professionals and counsellors will be an important part of the recovery process.
Individuals with prescription drug addiction issues can experience unpleasant withdrawal symptoms if they try to stop using the drug.These withdrawal symptoms can be predicted, based on the type of drug the individual is addicted to.Control of the withdrawal symptoms is an important factor in the treatment of prescription drug dependency and is vital for a successful recovery.
If an individual is addicted to prescription drugs he or she may find that a gradual weaning process works better than attempting to stop taking the drug immediately.Another possibility is to switch from a shorter acting drug to one that is longer acting.A doctor or drug service provider should be able to offer advice on the best course of action.The individual may experience withdrawal symptoms for weeks or even months and a change of diet, scene, increased exercise or relaxation techniques can prove helpful.Recovery from drug addiction involves not only abstaining from using the drug, but also making use of resources that, whilst in recovery, were found to maintain healthy ways of thinking.
During recovery, it is important that the patient informs their doctor, as taking medicine for pain or anxiety could increase the risk of a relapse.The doctor may be able to suggest alternative treatments to help reduce the symptoms, whilst minimising the risk of relapse.