Prescription drug addiction is on the increase, partly because they can be legally bought over the counter, when prescribed by a medical practitioner and are therefore relatively easy to obtain.One of the dangers of prescription drugs is that teenagers may believe they are a less addictive and a safer way to get high.These drugs are often used to achieve a desired goal, but one for which the drug was not intended, for example the use of ADHD drugs to help with weight control.
Of course, used properly prescription drugs are an important form of medication for thousands of people, but when they are used in ways for which they were never intended they carry serious health risks.A single large dose of an over the counter or prescription painkiller or depressant can lead to difficulty breathing and could even lead to death.Even when taken in small doses painkillers and depressants can affect an individual’s motor skills, judgement and ability to learn.
Over the counter cough and cold remedies might seem harmless, but they can cause nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, stomach pains, confusion, numbness, hallucinations, coma and even death.There is also a trend to mix prescription drugs with other over the counter drugs or alcohol.This can cause unexpected reactions with one drug potentially enhancing the effect of another. Using drugs in combination can lead to respiratory failure and death.
The problem with prescription drug addiction in the UK is not as serious as it is in the USA, however it is still an issue and prescription drug abuse can have serious health implications.