For many codeine addicts, being able to communicate with others who have been in a similar position is a way to find strength to break free from addictive behaviour. That support can be found in a number of places, including group therapy sessions, professional rehabilitation, and online addiction forums.

The online codeine addiction forum is one resource that can be both beneficial and detrimental. It all depends on the state of mind of the addict and how he uses the information he finds on the forum. Perhaps it would be beneficial for us to look at both sides of the equation here.

Benefits of the Codeine Addiction Forum

Though codeine can be as strong an addictive substance as things like morphine and heroin, addicts are more likely to know they need help than users of other substances. For that reason, it is not unusual to visit a codeine addiction forum only to find current addicts pleading for help and advice.

Such addicts can benefit from these forums if they receive encouragement from others to seek professional help. Former addicts themselves often return to these forums to provide encouragement to others. They may act as online coaches encouraging addicts to persevere through withdrawal and into a drug-free life.

Lastly, addicts can benefit from forums in cases where they need a third party to force them to come to grips with their addiction. For example, an addict may be curious about codeine addiction while denying his own state. Another former addict might recognise that and call him to task. And yes – even online confrontations can prompt some to seek treatment.

Potential Problems with Forums

For every positive aspect of codeine addiction forums, there is a negative one. The most glaring of these potential negatives is the possibility of an addict getting some dangerously incorrect advice. For example, substituting codeine with another drug in an attempt to lessen withdrawal symptoms could prove just as damaging as the codeine itself.

It should be noted that codeine withdrawal is not as easy as some people make it out to be. Moreover, because the physical symptoms of withdrawal can be serious, it’s never a wise idea to try to do it without proper supervision. Sometimes former addicts on forums give the impression that help is not needed.

Another potential problem with forums comes by way of serious medical problems. A codeine addict who has been using the drug for quite a long time may have significant liver and kidney damage. During withdrawal, that damage could present serious medical complications that need professional intervention. The symptoms are sometimes downplayed by forum posters.

Overall, codeine addiction forums do provide a vital role of support by bringing together addicts, former addicts, and the family members of both. To that extent, they are excellent tools. However, appropriate professional treatment should be sought for anyone who is addicted to this powerful drug. Professional treatment provides the greatest chances of complete recovery with no relapses. If you need help, seek it today.