Mephedrone related health problems on the increase

Taking Mephedrone (sometimes known as MCAT or Meow Meow) is a craze that first became popular as “legal highs” drug in 2009, and by 2010 was classified as a Class B drug. It is a powerful stimulant which provides feeling of euphoria, similar to those experienced by taking ecstasy. My main concern about this drug is its desirability to adolescents, and this concern appears to be founded when considering the DrugScope annual survey 2012 found that increasing numbers of teenagers were coming forward with behavioural problems associated with using the drug, such as panic attacks, paranoia and general loss of control.

Whilst it is not unusual for drugs to trend in this way, just as LSD did in the 60’s and cocaine did in the 80’s, it is worrying that this particular trend is appealing to those who are particularly vulnerable and open to suggestion. Its change in status has not helped matters as some individuals still believe it to be legal, and it has seen a massive rise as one of the drugs of choice on the club scene.

Lots of the people taking this drug are not existing injecting drug users, which can place them at a higher risk of danger as they are unlikely to be practising safe injecting procedures. This becomes especially worrying when considering a number of drug services have reported users compulsively injecting themselves, as many as 20 times a day. I fear that those who have never tried drugs before and are being tempted by Mephedrone may not be prepared for how seductive a drug it actually is, and may be paving the way for spiralling drug use.

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