Legal High National Survey

A new survey is underway to find out more about legal highs in the UK and to try and determine how they are used, who is using, them, why, and ultimately find out ways of providing help and tackling the problem.

It’s being undertaken by the Centre for Drug Misuse Research, and is the first of it’s kind in the UK to specifically concentrate on individuals’ use and views of legal highs.

Legal highs are substances that mimic the psychoactive effects of illegal drugs like cocaine, ecstasy, cannabis, and amphetamines, but they’re not currently illegal to use or possess. No one really knows how many people in the UK have taken a legal high, or what legal highs people are taking, or what people experience after taking legal highs. So the survey has been launched in order to give people the opportunity to tell the research group about their experiences of taking legal highs, and to gather data.

Legal High Survey Poster

Please click on the image to download the poster if you want to promote the survey.

They would like to know what legal highs you’ve ever taken, what you felt after taking them, what’s your favourite legal high and what legal highs would you definitely not take. You’ll find info about the survey at:

All your answers are strictly confidential, and you and as a thanks for completing the survey, you’ll be entered into a prize draw to win an iPad mini or wireless Beats Studio Headphones.

Dr Christopher Russell, form the Centre for Drug Misuse Research, who is leading the survey, said: “We are hoping the public will get right behind the Legal Highs Survey. It has the potential to provide good, accurate information that we desperately lack – information about the use and experience of taking legal highs by young people and adults in communities across the UK. We really appreciate when people take a bit of time out of their day to tell us about their experiences with legal highs, because they will ultimately be giving young people and adults who take legal highs, or are curious about taking legal highs, better information on which to base their decisions about taking legal highs.”

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