Woman Steals from Family Friend for Legal High Addiction

A woman desperate for money to feed her addiction to legal highs and heroin stabbed a family friend repeatedly and punched him in the face because he would not lend her money. Lisa Griffin also pulled a money purse from Stanley Pert’s neck, which resulted in a ligature mark. She had previously borrowed from the pensioner, but this time, when he refused, she used a fish slice to stab him in the arm and made off with £630 in cash.

Griffin offered Mr Pert sex in exchange for the cash but the horrified man refused and told her to leave. She then lost control and stole his money after punching and stabbing him. She was sentenced to six years in prison after admitting the robbery.

Violent Robbery

Mr Pert told Griffin that he would call the police but she then smashed his phone and, because he was too weak to fight her, she tore the purse from his neck and left. The pensioner was left frightened and injured after the violent attack, which was a breach of trust that was committed by someone he considered a friend.

Mr Pert had to walk to a nearby relative’s home to raise the alarm and had to have treatment for his injuries and obvious distress.

Legal High Addiction

Although Griffin had previously had a heroin addiction, she had been getting help to kick it. However, once she began taking legal highs, she went ‘off the rails’. Her lawyer said that the robbery was committed as a result of stress due to her child’s heart problem.

One of the biggest problems with legal highs is the fact that they are more readily available and are often cheaper than illegal drugs. Many legal high manufacturers are creating these substances to mimic illicit drugs such as heroin and they are instantly becoming popular with addicts.

Threat to Recovering Addicts

Those who suffer from substance addiction are turning to legal highs but a worrying trend is the fact that those who are trying to recover from addiction may also begin using these ‘legal’ substances. It may be that some people wrongly assume that because these substances are called legal highs they are safe to take.

Education seems to be a major issue here because legal highs are certainly not safe for human consumption. They are legal as plant foods or salts but are not fit for smoking or swallowing by humans.

Added to this is the fact that every time the government bans a particular legal high, the manufacturers simply create something new using substances that have not yet been banned.

Constantly Changing

Another issue with legal highs is the ever-changing ingredients. Users can never be guaranteed of getting the same product twice because manufacturers change the ingredients to get around legal restrictions. This presents problems for users who may find that even if they were okay the first time they took a substance, they could have an adverse reaction the next time. It is also concerning for medical professionals because they can never tell exactly what the person they are treating has taken. It makes it much harder to treat legal high users.

Help for Legal High Addiction

Legal highs are extremely addictive and those who suffer with this type of addiction need to get help as soon as possible. Addiction Helper is a referral service offering advice and information for addicts and their families. Our team of fully trained advisors can help clients to find the right treatment provider and can offer advice and support for all types of addiction. Call today for confidential advice and support.

Source: High Beam Research

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