Growing Numbers Using Legal Highs in Newcastle

New psychoactive substances, or legal highs as they are more commonly known, are a growing problem in the UK as more and more youngsters take them. These substances are readily available both online and on some high streets, and are inexpensive. The fact that it is legal to possess them means that there is no risk of arrest, which is attractive to those that want to get high.

However, legal highs come with a certain amount of risk, and those taking them could be putting themselves in danger of developing an addiction. Some of these legal highs have even been linked to the deaths of a number of people across the UK, so it is understandable that public health bosses are concerned.

Urgent Action

In fact, public health bosses in Newcastle are taking immediate action to tackle the ‘plague of legal high use’ across the city. The growing number of people in the city using these legal highs has prompted health chiefs to launch plans that would stop these killer drugs from taking lives in the North East.

Legal highs have been linked to a number of crimes and health scares, with numerous teenagers found slumped in parks around the city, and there has been an increase in the number of thefts and hospital admissions.

It is estimated that there are over three hundred different types of legal highs available for sale in the Newcastle region, and the fact that these are legal to buy means that more and more people are using them.

Plan of Action

The plan of action for tackling legal highs in Newcastle includes training health staff on how to deal with legal high cases as well as research into how legal highs affect the health of young people. There will also be a new team, which will work with the police and Trading Standards in a bid to tackle the sale of legal highs. Drug awareness programmes in both universities and schools across the city will now include information about these substances.

Dangers of Legal Highs

There has been an enormous increase in the availability of legal highs in the past two years and, worryingly, many of these substances contain illegal ingredients. With each batch of a particular legal high, the ingredients can vary quite considerably, so users do not know what they are taking each time they ingest them. Just because they did not have a reaction to a specific legal high the first time they took it, does not mean that they will not react the next time.

Legal highs – which are made to act in a similar way to cannabis – are commonly used in Newcastle, but the problem is that these synthetic versions of the illegal drug are much stronger and can lead to a number of health problems. They can also be highly addictive.


One of the most worrying things about these substances is the fact that many youngsters believe them to be safe. They are labelled as ‘bath salts’ or ‘research chemicals’ and this allows them to be sold legally. The packaging of these substances is also a concern. Many manufacturers are using packaging similar to items from popular culture such as smartphone games or CD cases, which can be attractive to youngsters.

Help for Addiction

Many youngsters taking legal highs are in danger of developing addictions. If you believe that you may have an addiction to legal highs or if you suspect someone you love does, contact Addiction Helper today for advice and support on what to do next.

We have a team of expert advisors ready to take your call, and they can provide you with information on where to get help. Call today for more information.

Source: Chronicle Live

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