Drug rehab may be among the most difficult things an individual will face in his or her lifetime. Yet thorough and comprehensive rehab is sometimes the only choice for addicts whose lives will otherwise be completely destroyed by addiction. Without rehab, is there any realistic hope of overcoming addiction?

As an organisation dedicated to helping addicts and their families find appropriate treatment, we know that clients tend to respond better to some treatments than they do to others. For example, drug rehab abroad is sometimes the best option available to a client.

Rehab treatments offered abroad are similar to what you will find in the UK in some ways, but markedly different in others. In the end, it just comes down to what is best for the individual. When we recommend drug rehab abroad, it is because we have assessed the situation and applied our broad scope of knowledge and experience to it. Our recommendation of an international rehab clinic is based on our belief that it is the best option.

Here are just a few reasons we might recommend drug rehab abroad:

  • Separation – The idea of separating the addict from his or her current circumstances is a very important part of drug rehab. However, there are times when greater distance is beneficial. There are times when sending a client abroad is the only way to achieve the complete and total separation he or she needs to be able to devote himself or herself entirely to getting well.
  • Surroundings – Most drug rehab clinics are located in rural surroundings in order to minimise the distractions found in urban environments. If bed space cannot be found domestically, taking advantage of drug rehab abroad might be the only option for finding a programme in a rural environment. Better to go abroad to a facility in a peaceful and serene location than stay home in an environment that might be less conducive to recovery.
  • Anonymity – One of the ‘dirty little secrets’ of drug addiction is that it does not discriminate. Even the rich and famous find themselves in trouble from time to time. Drug rehab abroad is available to these individuals if anonymity is required. Travelling to a place where no one knows you can go a long way in the recovery process.
  • Specialised Treatments – While there are literally dozens of different therapies drug rehab clinics can use to treat their clients, there are occasions when an individual wants to take advantage of a specialised treatment not being offered domestically. In such case, travelling abroad may be the only solution.

There are other reasons someone might choose to seek drug rehab abroad. To us, the more important decision is the one to seek help to begin with. As long as the addict is willing to do what it takes to recover, we can help him or her find treatment just about anywhere.

Why You Should Seek Treatment

Maybe you are visiting our site because you know you have a drug addiction problem. That’s great; you have completed the important first step on the road to recovery. Now you need to understand overcoming addiction is not something that is going to happen on its own. What’s more, it is not likely you will be able to kick your habit by undertaking a do-it-yourself detox and hoping for the best. You need comprehensive rehab.

A comprehensive rehab programme begins with medically supervised detox. Detox is necessary if your physical dependence on drugs is to be successfully broken. Nevertheless, please understand that detox is not something you should try on your own. Drug addiction can have devastating consequences on the human body – consequences that could become potentially dangerous during the detox process. Medical professionals should always supervise detox.

Most drug addicts can successfully complete detox in about a week or so. When that occurs, the lengthy process of rehabilitative therapy begins. These therapies are to the psychological and emotional addictions what detox is to the physical addiction. Yet they go a bit deeper by attempting to uncover and address those underlying issues that may not be easily recognisable.

When you seek drug rehab abroad, be prepared to participate in a number of these therapies. The following are just a few examples of what you might experience:

  • Group Therapy – The principle of group therapy is very popular in modern drug rehab. It is a therapy that takes advantage of a group setting to provide mutual support, encouragement, and accountability. Group support is something that is also a normal part of aftercare.
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – Also known as CBT, cognitive behavioural therapy is another favourite among drug rehab specialists. This theory establishes a set of goals to be achieved during the individual sessions; goals that will force the addict to address those underlying circumstances or thought processes that trigger addictive behaviour.
  • Life Skills Training – It is one thing to identify what triggers addictive behaviour; it is an entirely different matter to overcome those triggers. That’s what life skills therapy is all about. It’s about teaching the addict effective strategies he or she can use to avoid triggers and overcome future temptations.

As stated earlier, there are dozens of other therapies a clinic might use. One advantage of seeking drug rehab abroad is the possibility of taking advantage of unusual therapies you could not find domestically. But again, that’s something we can discuss with you during our consultation.

If you are visiting our site because you know you have a drug addiction problem, right now is the best time to act. If you are not sure, we urge you to contact us anyway. We would like the opportunity to either set your mind at ease or help you get appropriate treatment in the event you do have an addiction. However, we cannot help until you call.

Our experienced and compassionate staff are ready and waiting to hear from you now. The sooner you get in touch with us, the sooner your road to recovery can begin. There is no time like the present to get started.