Lethal “ecstasy” tablets in the UK


After the death of a Glaswegian man last week police are warning people not to take pills labelled as Rock star or ‘5IT tablets. These tablets, which are being sold as ecstasy may contain a cocktail of lethal dangerous drugs. Over 10 people in the UK have been hospitalised in the last few weeks after taking these potentially fatal drugs.

The Rockstar tablets are yellow or red in colour have a star impression on them and are being sold as ecstasy. AMT or 5IT tablets are pink and have an impression of two cherries on one side and on the other, a half score. 5IT has been connected with deaths across Europe and reported side-effects include raise temperature, and increased heart rate and even seizures.

Obviously the illegal drug trade has no regulation or quality control, so no one knows exactly what are in these tablets and are dicing with death by taking them.The only safe way to take drugs is not to take them at all.

The effects it ecstasy have on health can be damaging. It can cause long-term damage to the brain, especially the parts that control memory and thought. Over and above this brain damage, abusing ecstasy damages the bodies temperature controls which can cause heat stroke and in some cases, death. Ecstasy can cause I distressing range of symptoms such as flashbacks, hallucinations, paranoia, panic attacks and delusions. Ecstasy is thought to trigger depression and other anxiety-based conditions. Fake ecstasy such as these rockstar tablets add extra danger to using drugs. They tend to be cheaper and therefore appeal to younger people who may not realise just how dangerous their actions are.

Ecstasy overdose can cause the body to overheat and dehydrate. The victim may raise consciousness and can even go into a coma. Making you restless and raising your body temperature, ecstasy can overheat your body. Note that there have been deaths caused by ecstasy with body temperatures over a hundred degrees.

MDMA which is the active ingredient of ‘true’ ecstasy was first patented in 1913 as a diet aid but never actually reached the shelves. Some disagree that MDMA is actually addictive but users may suffer from similar problems to those who use cocaine and amphetamine. The confidence and ‘high’ induced by MDMA may prove addictive. Psychological effects often include depression, teeth grinding, sickness, blurred vision and cause alternate chills and sweating.

If you are someone you know has a problem with ecstasy addiction then please seek help immediately. It only takes one tablet to kill and is akin to a game of Russian roulette. The short-term mood boosting properties of ecstasy are only temporary and in the long term can cause far more damage and even death.

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