There are a multitude of dangers associated with drug addiction, from the obvious physical and psychological dangers to the social and emotional problems that face many addicts and their families.

Physical Dangers

Whether you are taking medication that is not prescribed for you or street drugs bought illegally, you are putting your body at risk. There are often side effects associated with any kind of drug use, which is why people should only take medications that have been prescribed for them. Illegal drugs are not regulated, which means there is no way to be sure of what you are taking. The example of teenager Leah Betts, who died after taking her first ecstasy tablet, serves as a reminder of these dangers.

Psychological Dangers

Prolonged drug addiction can bring about all kinds of psychological dangers to a person. Hallucinations or a blunted view of reality can be developed over time. Drug use often clouds judgement and this poor decision-making can lead you into danger. Depressant or barbiturate drugs can slow reflexes, making everyday tasks like driving potentially lethal.

Social and Emotional Dangers

In addition to the effects that drug addiction has on the body and brain, there is a real risk of other potentially more damaging problems. A drug addiction can affect your work, possibly leaving you unemployed or even unemployable. Likewise, drug addictions will almost certainly put a strain on relationships between family and friends. This social alienation can lead to depression over the situation, which perpetuates a vicious cycle of drug abuse and addiction.