Could Crystal Meth Grip Britain?

Many of us have seen the before and after pictures of individuals who become addicted to Crystal Meth. These pictures which are widely available to view on the internet show the power of addiction to this manmade party drug. I’m curious as to its appeal, given that the pictures don’t exactly do the drug any favours. Why would anyone go to the lengths of destroying their looks and soul just to get high?

What is Crystal Meth?

Crystal meth (aka Methamphetamine, Ice, Meth, Glass) is a Stimulant drug with extremely addictive properties. Originally Methamphetamine in its pure form was prescribed in small doses as a weight loss drug, however it was found that a tolerance was quickly built by the patients and so for long term weight loss it is not deemed appropriate. It was also found to be extremely addictive and so is not commonly prescribed anymore.

The appeal

Crystal meth can me mass manufactured in home-made laboratories and is very cheap to make, but because its unregulated is never pure. Originally it was used as a street drug in America, but it popularity has seen its use grow in other countries, including the UK. The drug can be administered in a number of ways, including snorting, smoking, swallowing, injecting as well as inserting into the lining of the anus and urethra. It is cheap to buy and it produces a very intense euphoric high that can last for up to 12 hours, depending on how the drug is taken. Most drugs only last a short while and can be costly in comparison.

Who takes it?

Crystal meth tends to be popular amongst the younger generation due to its euphoric effects, also associated with other party drugs such as Cocaine, MDMA and Speed and Ecstasy. This is by no means a rule though and people of all ages have the potential to develop reliance as it is so addictive.

The Impact on the addict

Because of its addictive properties, individuals addicted to Meth will do anything to get their next fix. many turning to criminal activity to fund their drugs. Chronic users also suffer what is known as “meth mouth”, where the drug causes severe tooth decay and results in loss of teeth. It also eats away at the bodies muscle and tissue giving chronic users a haggard and drawn appearance. Suppressing the users appetite initially, it can cause drastic weight loss within a very short space of time. Other effects are psychosis, aggression, depression, violence, panic, confusion, insomnia and many more.


If you or a loved one is suffering from an addiction to crystal Meth, we would advise you to act now and seek help straight away. The most successful form of treatment is inpatient rehabilitation due to the enforced period of abstinence as well as the intensive therapy. If you would like more information on successful methods of treating crystal Meth addiction please call our helpline.

Who am I calling?

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