Woman with Ice Addiction Found Murdered Along with Her Two Children


Upon hearing the term drug addiction, many tend to think of illegal drugs such as heroin and cocaine. However, methamphetamine is a very potent stimulant drug that is causing problems both here in the UK and in other parts of the world, particularly in Australia. Methamphetamine is often referred to as crystal meth or Ice when used in its crystallised form. It is very powerful and has been compared to crack cocaine in terms of the strength of the drug and the fact that both are smoked. Both are also incredibly addictive, and ice addiction has become a huge problem for so many people.

Ice produces a very intense ‘high’, which lasts for a long time, followed by severe come-downs. Those who use ice tend to get addicted very quickly as they are commonly tempted to take more of the substance to avoid the crashing come-downs.

Family Problem

As with all addictions, an ice addiction tends to be a family problem. Family members are often directly affected by one member’s addiction, and with crystal meth, the consequences can be devastating. This type of drug is all-consuming, and those affected by addiction often care about nothing else but the drug and their next fix.

Adeline Rigney-Wilson from Adelaide struggled with an ice addiction, and her two children were left to suffer the consequences. The twenty-nine-year-old spent almost every penny she had on methamphetamine and rarely kept food in the house where she lived with Amber, 6, and Corey, 5. Her children were reported as appearing hungry when social workers visited the home; her need for Ice was more important to her than feeding her kids. Sadly, Ms Rigney-Wilson and her two children were found dead in their home, allegedly killed by her partner Steven Graham Peet after a domestic dispute.

Violent Upbringing

Children of addicts are often referred to as forgotten victims of addiction, and Ms Rigney-Wilson’s children were no exception. Reports have revealed that the mother was due to appear in court for trying to drown her son two years ago as well as for allegedly beating him with a broom.

Children often suffer the consequences when a parent is affected by addiction. Many are physically, mentally or emotionally abused while others are neglected and malnourished. Children of addicts often end up suffering psychological damage for many years, and some will become addicts themselves in later life.

In many instances, it is appropriate for the kids of addicts to be taken into care, especially if their parent cannot provide them with the love and care they need. Unfortunately, for the children of Adeline Rigney-Wilson, this did not happen.

Destructive Drug

Adeline Rigney-Wilson’s mother insists her daughter would have done anything to protect her children, and said, “She was a good mother. But it doesn’t matter because you’ve got to pull your kids into line and that’s how she did it. She got mixed up with the wrong crowd, but she always made sure her children were right. She always bought food for those kids on her payday.”

Nevertheless, Donna Rigney also revealed that she had not spoken to her daughter for around four months due to her issues with drugs.

The truth is that drug addiction changes the way a person behaves, and Ice is actually one of the most destructive illegal drugs available. It is highly addictive and causes those affected to change dramatically; physically, behaviourally and mentally.

It is common for those affected by Ice addiction to neglect previously important relationships and responsibilities. Those who abuse crystal meth tend to eat very little food and will stay away for hours on end – as long as they have a supply of drugs to keep them going.

The come-down from Ice can be severe and leads to bouts of depression, anxiety and exhaustion. The user will experience intense cravings for the drug, which will lead him or her to take it again and again. Those who abuse Ice quickly descend into a severe drug addiction that is extremely difficult to break.

Ice addicts tend to display violent and aggressive behaviour and are typically affected by severe mood swings. Children living with Ice addicts are in danger of being physically abused.

Effect on Health

Ice is a deadly drug that has many side effects. As well as having a serious negative effect on family life, Ice addicts will suffer serious health problems including severe weight loss, poor dental hygiene, brain damage, liver disease, strokes, kidney disease, and lung disease. It is also a drug that results in serious mental health issues, including paranoia, which can be dangerous when children are living in the same house as the addict. It is not unheard of for those with an Ice addiction to attack a child that they believed to be the ‘enemy’.

Getting Help

If you or someone you care about is affected by an Ice addiction, call Addiction Helper immediately. This is a very serious problem and requires professional help. We are here to offer support and advice to those affected. Call today.

Source: Daiiy Mail

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