Many clinics have found both motivational therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy to be quite effective in cocaine addiction treatment. Motivational therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy are ‘talking’ therapies which treatment centres use to address problems such as the dysfunctional behaviour and emotions that may have contributed to the initial use of the drug.

This method of treatment is also very effective for patients who suffer from anxiety, eating disorders, psychotic disorders, personality issues, and other substance abuse problems such as alcoholism. Some cocaine addicts experience many of these disorders once they stop using the drug.

Another therapeutic option for people addicted to cocaine is a cocaine vaccine. Still only being used on a trial basis, this vaccine consist of modafinil, which is a drug commonly used to treat the symptoms of narcolepsy. This drug, which has been created by the Xenova Group, is effective in negating some of the addictive qualities of cocaine. This method of treatment eliminates the craving for the euphoric high that is derived from cocaine use. This vaccine is also known to lessen the effects of cocaine use on the heart.

Cocaine addicts also have the option to enter one of the 12-Step Programmes that are readily available and easily found all over the United Kingdom. One of the most effective of these is Cocaine Anonymous, which has been modelled after Alcoholics Anonymous. This programme also provides addicts with much needed social support.