Cocaine addiction is devastating to the user in many ways.It changes their behaviour, social status, financial situation and often their circle of friends.It is also devastating to their families.Family members will oftenattempt to help an addict by allowing them to live for free in the home, or by providing money and support in other ways.

The addict’s use of cocaine will begin to have an impact on the family even before the user moves into the home.When family members attempt to help the addict by giving them money or helping out with bills and food, this will allow the addict to spend more of his or her own money on buying the drug.This is usually where the addict’s drug problem will begin to weigh heavy on the family’s finances.

When the addict gets to a point where they are no longer even trying to pay their own bills and are counting on family members to support them, stress levels within the family can increase dramatically.In many cases, family members will be unable to trust anything the addict says to them, and begin to wonder if they can trust this person while they are away from the home.

Financial stress and mistrust are only two of the effects cocaine can have on a family.Seeing the family member change their behaviour in such a drastic manner is also very difficult for most people to endure.

Cocaine addicts are known to withdraw from meaningful relationships, change their friends, and encounter marital conflict as well as estrangements from their own children, family and friends.