One of the biggest reasons cocaine is so attractive to people is that it provides an almost instant feeling of euphoria. Depending on how it is consumed, the high begins almost immediately.It is one of those drugs that makes the user feel talkative, confident and alert.For those whose personalities tend to be the opposite, cocaine can make them feel like they are on top of the world.

The problem for users is that the high obtained from using cocaine does not last very long. The crash and burn that comes after the drug wears off is harsh and is most always followed with irritability, depression and anxiety. It is for this reason that users become easily tempted to use again to continue that euphoric high.

Users of cocaine rarely see themselves as being addicted to the drug because even when they are not using, there are no physical withdrawal symptoms. Cocaine addiction is a psychological dependency, not a physical one. Users who begin missing work, selling personal items to raise money or who even begin stealing from family members and friends as a way to get money to continue the habit are showing some of the most visible signs of addiction.

Cocaine addiction symptoms are not always behavioural, however. When users feel that they need cocaine to function day to day or even just to feel good, these are warning signs. When a cocaine user begins planning events or evenings around the drug’s use, this is considered a sign of a potentially dangerous addiction problem.