Cocaine addiction and abuse is one of the most serious drug problems in the world today, and there is no one method of treatment that will work for everyone. Researchers have been looking into medicinal cocaine rehab treatment options that will help alleviate the insatiable cravings cocaine addicts face when they are going through the rehab process.

In addition to finding medications that can effectively and safely help treat cocaine addiction, cocaine rehab treatment will almost always include behavioural interventions. In particular, addicts will be treated with cognitive behavioural therapy, which has been found to be highly effective by patients in decreasing their drug use.

It is necessary that a cocaine rehab facility offers patients a combination of treatments suited for their individual situations.Being as no single treatment is fitting for all cocaine addicts, it is imperative that treatment be matched to the addict’s specific needs.

Particular services and interventions can be critical to the ultimate success of recovery. Psychological and medical assistance must be available along with other services that can help the recovering addict deal with any social or legal problems that may have resulted from their cocaine use.

It is important that treatment be readily available when the addict is ready to enter. Due to hesitations and uncertainty, potential treatment candidates can be lost if the treatment they require is not available when they are ready to make a commitment to it.

Depending on the addict’s situation, additional services such as vocational rehabilitation, family therapy and parenting instructions may be required. Another key element of cocaine rehab is ensuring the patient remains in treatment for an adequate period of time. Most patients require about three months of therapy.