Sadly, an increasing number of people are having to turn to cocaine rehab in the UK. Cocaine addiction is a real problem. According to a recent UN report, the UK has more cocaine users than any other European country.

There are many reasons why more and more people are suffering from cocaine abuse and requiring cocaine rehab in the UK. The pressure of raising a family, maintaining a household, putting in endless amounts of working hours and paying bills even in the best of economic circumstances can eventually take its toll. Cocaine produces feelings of pleasure that are immediate and intense – providing an escape from the reality of life. However, these feelings are short-lived and cocaine users require increasingly large amounts of the drug to obtain the same high. Cocaine is therefore extremely addictive as any UK cocaine rehab provider would testify to.

The eventual deterioration of a cocaine addict causes pain to themselves and to everyone around them. This is made worse when the addicted user refuses to admit the problem even exists. This is where a professional cocaine rehab in the UK can help.

Fortunately, there are many cocaine rehab facilities in the UK which have a good track record in helping addicts successfully overcome their dependence to this dangerous drug. These include residential rehabilitation clinics which offer individually tailored, long-term and short-term programmes which can last anything from two weeks to several months.

Cocaine rehab in the UK takes two-pronged approach to tackling drug addiction. Firstly, it addresses the physical addiction by a medically supervised drug detox. Withdrawing from cocaine can be uncomfortable, and should be undertaken in a cocaine rehab under the care of specialist detoxification professionals.

Following a successful detox, the user needs to get to the crux of the psychological dependence on the drug and learn healthier ways of coping without cocaine abuse. Therefore a structured programme of psychotherapeutic treatment is always an essential part of cocaine rehab in the UK.