The use of cocaine, in any form, causes an almost instant high which elevates energy, alertness and feelings of authority. The undesirable aspects of cocaine use can include paranoia, anxiety and irritability.

Treating cocaine addicts can be quite difficult. Cocaine addiction is not a physical addiction, it is a mental addiction. It is for this reason that seeking a treatment facility that offers behavioural as well as medical treatment is imperative.

When looking for a cocaine addiction treatment centre, it is advised to look for facilities that offer integrated treatments. They should have access to a wide variety of experts such as social workers, licensed drug and alcohol councillors, nurses and psychiatrists.

These experts will use motivational approaches to avoid confrontations with patients while encouraging them to participate in the necessary recovery strategies. Patients will be required to participate in their own treatment by helping to set goals and determine their own course of action.

Cocaine addicts will be expected to fully take advantage of these recovery resources. The most experienced cocaine addict treatment facilities will ensure their patients are treated like partners during therapy rather than as a patient.

It is important to seek facilities that have a low dropout rate. Those seeking help should look for treatment centres that offer new, innovative recovery techniques.

During cocaine treatment, an assessment of the patient’s mental health should be conducted after detox is complete. This will help both doctor and patient develop the appropriate personalised treatment necessary to ensure long-term recovery success.