Belinda Carlisle battled cocaine addiction for thirty years

The year is 1987. It is impossible to go for more than a few hours without coming across perhaps Belinda Carlisle’s most famous song “Heaven is a place on earth” but Belinda’s life was on course to become hell as she battled cocaine addiction.

This week she spoke of how she had battled cocaine addiction for thirty years. She herself admits she is fortunate not just to still have her nostrils intact, but to be alive full stop. Like many others, Carlisle’s moment of clarity came when she hit rock bottom. She states that for her it was not a physical rock bottom, which is the case for many people. It was not that she lost her wealth, or her family or experienced any other negative consequences that often trigger the desire to get clean. For her, it was the fact that she began to lose herself and felt that she had no soul – she describes it as “a spiritual rock bottom.” She knew that if she carried on using cocaine she would die and it was as simple as that.

The fact is it took thirty years for this realisation to hit, and for many that length of time would almost certainly mean death before reaching it. However, Belinda is now eight years sober and living proof that it is never too late to get into recovery.

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