It has been proven that marijuana is addictive. More than 10 per cent of people who try marijuana will become addicted to it. This 10 per cent will experience great difficulty controlling their use of the drug, dealing with cravings and determining how much is too much.

There are many self-tests that can be found to determine if a person has an addiction problem with marijuana addiction. Some questions that users are asked in these tests include whether they ever smoke or get high by themselves, and whether they use the drug to cope or avoid dealing with feelings or other problems in their life.

Other questions might include:

  • Can you imagine your life without the use of marijuana?
  • Have you made promises to cut back or stop smoking marijuana but have not been able to live up to those promises?
  • Do you plan your days around marijuana use?
  • Is smoking pot no longer fun?
  • Have your friends or family members mentioned that your drug use has damaged the relationship you have with them?
  • When you are almost out of marijuana, do you begin to get worried or feel anxious about getting more?
  • Has the use of pot had an effect on your memory, motivation or concentration?

In order to determine if there is a problem, seeking professional advice is still the best solution. These questions however, can help determine if there is a serious issue with marijuana use.