Studies have shown that the use of marijuana among the younger population has grown considerably in recent years.Recent studies also show that the average age of marijuana users is 18. These same individuals regularly use other illicit drugs and frequently consume alcohol.

An addiction to marijuana has negative physical and behavioural effects on users. Common effects are tiredness and mental clouding, which has been directly related to some car and workplace accidents. When pregnant women use marijuana, babies are generally born with a low birth weight and, later in life, these children are at a higher risk for blood cancer.

Getting professional treatment for marijuana addiction is important.In most cases a user cannot simply recover from their addiction by quitting the drug.It is imperative that the addict undergo therapy which will help them understand why they used in the first place. This type of treatment will help an addict remain drug-free.

Not everything about a recovering addict’s old life has to be changed, but there are certain behaviours that should be taken into consideration to achieve recovery. Staying away from high-risk situations such as being lonely, angry or tired can help prevent a relapse.

Another element to successful treatment is learning to relax.The most common reason people use drugs is to escape from their hectic and pressurized lives.Drug use is a way to relax and relieve tension. Relaxing is considered an essential coping skill. People who use drugs to relax often lack this essential skill and most treatment programmes will include an emphasis on learning relaxation techniques such as yoga.