Using cannabis is a way that many people choose to escape the realities and pressures of day-to-day life.Cannabis is very addictive for some people, and most addicts do not even realize that they have become addicted.If a person is using cannabis as a way to escape and is unable to relax without it, they may have a cannabis addiction problem.

Instead of using cannabis, does the user substitute it with something else such as alcohol or another drug?Has the user developed a tolerance to cannabis?To get high, does the user require more cannabis now than they did when they first started?Do they start to feel withdrawal symptoms when they do not use cannabis?

These are only some of the questions that can help determine if a cannabis user is addicted. Some withdrawal symptoms that dependent cannabis users will experience include a loss of appetite, anxiety, irritability or aggression, and feelings of restlessness. Addicts will also suffer headaches, bouts of insomnia and the experience of cannabis cravings. These cravings will range in their intensity, and can last anywhere from several days to a week.

Cannabis withdrawal symptoms are not as severe as heroin or cocaine withdrawal symptoms, nor are they as life threatening as alcohol withdrawal symptoms, but the symptoms of cannabis withdrawal for addicts are uncomfortable.

Other ways to determine if you or someone you know may be addicted to cannabis is to ask if the cannabis habit takes up a lot of time. Is there a lot of time spent using the drug or recovering from its use? Has using it interfered with the user’s social life or job?