The average age of a Cannabis Addiction">cannabis user is 18. Due to its inexpensive cost and ready availability, it tends to appeals to a younger age group. The use of cannabis can lead to a dependency for many. More than 10 per cent of first time cannabis users become addicted to the drug over time.

If the drug is stopped suddenly, the addicted cannabis user will most like experience unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. These withdrawal symptoms are normally mild and consist of tremors and sweating, insomnia, nausea, irritability, agitation and weight loss.

It is a widely held belief among many people that that cannabis is not an addictive drug.Compared to other, more harsh drugs, there may be a little truth to this; however, those who do use cannabis often find themselves wanting to use it more and more to function normally. This is due to the chemicals that are found in the drug. These chemicals provide a feeling of serenity and calmness that makes the user feel good.

Many users find the effects of the drug to be appealing and somewhat addictive.The sensation of feeling good is what many drug users become addicted to, regardless of the drug type. Therefore, cannabis abuse will require the same aggressive treatment as any other drug abuse.

Cannabis addiction detox symptoms during rehab are not as serious as those connected with other drugs. Patient rehab is sometimes needed; otherwise an outpatient facility with a good support system and counselling can easily help cannabis abusers overcome their addictions.