Are you concerned you have a problem with Crystal Methamphetamine and need help? Or perhaps you have concerns for a loved one? Whatever has brought you to this page, Addiction Helper are here to guide you through the facts about this dangerous and highly addictive drug and how to get treatment for Crystal Meth addiction. This cheap, illegal, manmade drug is very popular in epidemic proportions in some Countries. Its use is most prevalent in Eastern Europe, South-East Asia, South Africa, Australia, America and the Philippines. Its use is spreading worldwide and trickling into the UK; with its effects very similar to that of Crack Cocaine, but more intense, cheaper to buy and last much longer. So you can see how it is so appealing to those who enjoy a very intense euphoric high. Those who become addicted to Crystal Methamphetamine, generally lose everything to the drug, their family, their finances, their homes and their souls. Crystal Methamphetamine is hugely destructive with very damaging effects to the body and mind. If you or a loved one have a problem or addiction to Crystal Methamphetamine it is vital to seek immediate help. Addiction Helper have helped over 10,000 addicts worldwide to access the correct help and treatment for their particular addiction. We work with only the best rehabs in the UK and overseas; rehabs that are experienced in treating the addiction to this drug and providing long term successful recovery. We only work with Care Quality Commission (CQC) regulated treatment centres of the highest calibre. We can also provide advice on how to access free help and support locally for Crystal Methamphetamine users. Addiction Helper are passionate about saving lives; addiction is a life threatening illness that often gets left untreated due to the stigma attached to drug addiction . We are here to help, in a non-judgemental and compassionate way.

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What Is Crystal Methamphetamine?

Crystal Methamphetamine is a powerful Class A stimulant drug. Its effects are very similar to Crack cocaine but they are more pronounced and on average last for anything between 4hours  up to 12 hours, depending on how the user reacts to it. Crack Cocaine produces a very similar intense high, but only lasts a very short while, on average 5 to 20 minutes maximum. Crystal Methamphetamine is a synthetic man made drug, “cooked up” in homemade illegal laboratories or at home. Crystal Methamphetamine, is extremely addictive and very dangerous.

What Does Crystal Meth Look Like?

There are various appearances for Crystal Methamphetamine as dealers will often add colouring to it, to define it as their own brand; pink, blue, yellow, orange or clear are most common. Usually its appearance is similar to that of shards of glass or ice…hence the street names of Ice and Glass.

What Does Taking Crystal Methamphetamine Feel Like?

As previously touched on, its effects are very similar to Crack Cocaine , but more intense and last a lot longer. The user will experience a very pronounced euphoric high, followed by a very severe comedown and overpowering craving for more. Crystal Methamphetamine stimulates the reward part of the brain to a great extent; motivating the user to wanting to get high again and again. Whilst under the influence of crystal methamphetamine, the user will feel extremely euphoric, chatty, confident, powerful with an increased sex drive, lowered inhibitions  and a desire to hold on to that feeling for as long as possible.

How Long Does Crystal Meth Stay in Your System?

How Popular Is Crystal Meth in the UK?

According to a report printed by the London Metro newspaper in 2016 , there has been a significant rise of the use of Crystal Methamphetamine in the UK. Due to the powerful and destructive nature of the drug, arrests linked to Crystal Meth ( also known as ‘Tina’, ‘Ice’ or Crank’ ) have soared 500% in the five years prior to 2016.

Despite hard-hitting campaigns such as Montana’s ‘Faces of Meth’ campaign, showing how the drug seriously deteriorates and emaciated addicts within a short period of time, its popularity has increased with partygoers and clubbers in particular.

In 2015 it was reported that 100 arrests associated with Crystal Meth were made in London alone; that is a rise of 82 more than the drug related arrests made in 2010.

Crystal Methamphetamine is also popular in the UK amongst the gay community of men; it is used at sex parties, referred to as “Chemsex” parties. Its effects provide hours of vastly increased sex drive and stamina and sometimes is combined with other drugs such as Mephedrone , GHB  and Viagra for an even more pronounced high and reduced sexual inhibition effect.

What Are The Short Term and Long Terms Effects of Crystal Methamphetamine?

Short term side effects of Crystal Methamphetamine can cause death from over dosing; the drug vastly increases the heart rate and puts the individual at risk from heart attack, heart failure and other vital organ failure.

Long Term Effects of Crystal Methamphetamine Abuse

The long term effects of someone who is using this drug frequently for a period of time, is a rapid decline in the body and mind. Even only after a few months of frequent use, severe damage can be caused, some of which will be irreversible. The longer and more frequent you take Crystal Methamphetamine, the higher the risk of death and more pronounced the damage. This shocking image is of a real life crystal methamphetamine addict, whose appearance has deteriorated beyond recognition over the 3 years of using the drug.

Long Term Use Effects Include:

  • Permanent, irreversible damage to the blood vessels in the heart and brain, high blood pressure which can lead to heart attacks, strokes and death leading to heart attacks, strokes and death
  • Permanent damage to the Liver, kidney and lungs
  • Deterioration of tissues in nose if snorted
  • Respiratory and breathing problems if smoked
  • Infectious diseases and abscesses if injected
  • Malnutrition and severe weight loss
  • Severe tooth decay, known as “meth mouth” when smoked
  • Strong psychological dependence, unable to stop using
  • Psychosis and Paranoia
  • Depression, Anxiety disorder, panic disorder
  • Irreversible damage to the brain similar to Alzheimer’s disease, stroke and epilepsy
  • Destruction of tissues in the face and body leading to a gaunt and collapsed appearance
  • Increased chance of pregnancy in women and catching STI’s and STD’s, due to unprotected and reckless sexual activity with multiple partners whilst high.

Breaking Bad

Some of you reading this page will be familiar with the very popular with the hit American TV series of Breaking Bad. The series revolves around one man starting his own Crystal Methamphetamine production in a homemade laboratory. This man, a chemistry teacher by trade, takes over the Crystal Methamphetamine world in the USA, as he becomes more and more entrenched in the lifestyle, gangs and dealers.. Eventually after gaining everything from production of the drug, he eventually loses everything to it; taking a number of innocent people and his family down with him. To a point, this series glorified Meth addiction from a dealer’s point of view; as it did not show much of the effects on the independent users and how it destroys their lives. This is the reality of Crystal Methamphetamine… destroys the user and hurts everyone they come into close contact with. This series introduced awareness of the drug to the UK, with many becoming fascinated and hooked on the series, and then taking it that one step further and actually trying the drug.

What Is Meth Mouth?

Frequent use of Crystal Methamphetamine leads to severe tooth erosion, tooth decay and receding gums, this is known as “Meth Mouth”. Even frequent brushing won’t prevent this from happening if you are smoking the drug, as the toxins cling to the tissues in and around the mouth. Below is a picture of the typical damage that a heavy Crystal Methamphetamine user will suffer to their mouth over time.

How Is Crystal Methamphetamine Taken?

Crystal Methamphetamine can be ingested a number of ways, the most popular method is smoking it through a bong or glass pipe. It can also be swallowed in tablet form, crushed and snorted or made into a liquid and injected. Injecting Crystal Methamphetamine is very dangerous but produces a more intense high that is immediately delivered to the user’s brain via the bloodstream. Injecting carries additional risks as they are more likely to overdose, suffer collapsed veins and abscesses and be more susceptible to blood borne viruses such as Hepatitis and HIV

History of Crystal Meth

Other Names Crystal Methamphetamine Is Known By

Crystal Methamphetamine has a number of street names is it know by, here are some of the most commonly used names for the drug:

Crystal meth, Blade, Cristy, Chalk, Crystal, Meth, Glass, Crystal Glass, Ice, Shards, Tina and Quartz

Are you worried that you or someone close to you is addicted to Crystal Methamphetamine?  Help is at hand! In the below passages we explain a more about addiction to Crystal Meth, what to look out for and how we can get you or a loved one the best possible treatment available.

What Is Crystal Meth Addiction?

Crystal Meth is an Amphetamine , a stimulant that acts on the brain and the nervous system.  It’s the crystalline form of methamphetamine and, as mentioned above, can be snorted, smoked, injected or taken orally. Methamphetamine that is smoked is known as ICE. Crystal Meth is a long-lasting drug with an intense stimulant effect that creates an overpowering desire for more due to the impact it has on the brain’s reward system. This, together with its inexpensive cost, makes it extremely powerful and addictive.  It is well known for being a drug that users will easily get hooked on. Those with addictive tendencies are more likely to try Crystal Meth as a progression from other stimulant drugs such as Cocaine  and Crack Cocaine ; once these drugs stop producing the desired effect, Crystal Methamphetamine becomes very, very attractive.

Addiction is a progressive illness of the mind and body; Public England Health have classified it as a “chronic relapsing brain disease”. This means that once the substance has been removed and the physical aspect of the illness addressed, the mind will continue to seek out the drug compulsively. For any addiction to be successfully treated, it is essential that both the physical and mental aspect of the illness are addressed through the correction medical and professional addiction treatment methods.

Dangers of Crystal Meth Production

There are many dangers associated with meth, including mental and physical health issues as well as the risk of addiction. However, the manufacturing process of Crystal Meth has other devastating consequences. This drug is typically created in illegal laboratories around the world and those who make it need to extract the ingredients from other sources such as common cold and flu remedies.

During the extraction process, the extracted ingredients are ‘strengthened’ with other chemicals that can include antifreeze, battery acid, and drain cleaner. As you would expect, creating Meth is extremely dangerous because of the potentially explosive chemicals being used. It is not uncommon for those making the drug to be severely burned or killed in the process.

Those living near to an illegal Meth lab are also in danger of being exposed to harmful toxins and chemicals, and there is also an added risk because of the toxic waste produced. Meth production creates five times more waste for every pound of meth produced.

Paraphernalia Associated with Crystal Meth

If you have concerns that a loved one may be using/abusing or is addicted to Crystal Methamphetamine, there are paraphernalia that is commonly associated with using this drug. If you find any of these items, your loved one is certainly using some kind of drug. Many of the paraphernalia associated with using Crystal Meth can also be used for Crack Cocaine and Heroin  and in some cases Cannabis  also. The use of Crystal Meth often leaves a milky white residue on the inside of the paraphernalia and scorch marks from heating the substance from the outside.

Crystal Meth Pipe:

Above is a typical glass crystal meth pipe, commonly used for smoking the drug.

Crystal Meth Bong:

Homemade Bong:

Lightbulb with inner working removed so Crystal can be placed in bottom and heated from the outside and inhaled:

Crystal Meth Injecting Paraphernalia:

Crushing and Snorting Crystal Methamphetamine:

Crystal methamphetamine can also be swallowed in pill form, the colour of the pill, like the crystalline form can vary:

If you find any of these items in your household or the household of a loved one, almost certainly someone close to you is taking a strong drug, which may well be Crystal Meth. Heroin and Crack Cocaine both leave a brown/yellow residue; whereas Crystal Meth if in clear form, will leave a milky white residue or a coloured residue if the ICE has been coloured by the manufacturer.

Signs and Symptoms of Crystal Methamphetamine Use or Abuse

The symptoms of Meth abuse are easy to spot in someone who has been using frequently or over a period of time. Methamphetamine destroys the body and the mind of the user very quickly due to its toxicity. Look out for the following signs which could well indicate that your loved one is using Crystal Methamphetamine and requires urgent professional intervention and help:

  • Dilated pupils – Stimulants enlarge the pupils of the user
  • Skin sores – Crystal Methamphetamine users often experience the sensation of their skin crawling or bugs under the skin surface and will obsessively pick at their face and body whilst high and during the come down
  • Blisters around mouth – Inhaling hot and toxic vapour can cause the mouth and surrounding areas to blister and burn
  • Abscesses, gangrene, cellulitis, collapsed veins, swollen limbs – These can all result from injecting this extremely toxic drug
  • Severe weight loss and malnutrition – Crystal Meth suppresses the user’s appetite and speeds up their metabolic rate, so they quickly lose weight. The drug literally ravishes their body within a short space of frequent using.
  • Decaying teeth and receding gums – Referred to as Meth Mouth, Crystal Meth destroys the teeth and gums
  • Collapsed or gaunt appearance in the face – The toxins in Crystal Methamphetamine dissolve skin tissue
  • Extreme changes in mood – Whilst high the individual will be extremely confident, hyperactive, chatty and excited;  they can also  become aggressive, highly agitated, paranoid  and violent. During the comedown period they are likely to be restless, anxious, irritable, aggressive, very antisocial and even suicidal.

Any vast change in the appearance or behaviour of a loved one should NOT be ignored. It is a sign that they need medical and professional help immediately for their individual problem.

Worried your loved one has a problem with Crystal Meth and want to help them? Call us now, for experienced advice on how you can help your loved one access the lifesaving treatment and support they need.

Types of Meth Abuse

Those who take meth are prone to varying degrees of abuse, which includes low-intensity abuse, binge abuse, and high-intensity abuse. All are in danger of becoming addicted and developing a full blown habit that will destroy them and everything that matters to them in their lives. Addiction is a progressive illness, so over any given period of time things will only get worse; they may have periods of control or even abstinence from the drug, but if they suffer from the illness of addiction, things will only go from bad to worse.

Low-Intensity Meth Abuse

Some individuals can take Meth without becoming addicted. They may snort or swallow the drug recreationally or take it in order to stay awake for longer. Some take it because they like the fact that it reduces their appetite. However, they still exercise some measure of control over their Meth use. It is rare for a Meth user to be in control however, due to the addictive nature of the drug.

Binge Abuse of Crystal Meth

Binge Meth users tend to take high doses frequently, such as every weekend when partying with friends; then abstain from use during the week whilst they work or attend to family.  They can go for days without using the drug, although they are at great risk of developing a more serious habit the more they take the drug.

High-Intensity Meth Abuse

High-intensity Crystal Meth abuse is another name for Meth addiction. Those affected become consumed by their need for the drug, to the point where nothing else in their lives matter. They have become tolerant to the effects of the substance and need to continuously take more in order to experience the intense high. The more they take, however, the greater the risk of serious health problems or death due to overdose.

Treatment Options for Crystal Meth Addiction

(Ref: Lyrics from “Breaking the Habit” Linkin Par)

An addiction to Crystal Methamphetamine in any form is a devastating illness that can have serious implications for those affected as well as for those around them. This drug is very powerful and will cause a number of complex issues including serious physical and mental health problems, damage to personal relationships, neglect of children, family, friends and responsibilities, job loss and unemployability, criminal and immoral activity and financial hardship.

The good news is that this destructive illness can be treated successfully  in the same way that any other addiction can be. Here at Addiction Helper, we offer advice and information on all types of addiction  and can provide treatment, support and free advice to those affected as well as to their family members and friends.

Is There Free Treatment for Crystal Meth Addiction?

Sadly there is little help available on the NHS for Crystal Methamphetamine addiction. Free rehab, means applying through your local Drug and Alcohol Services for funding from the government. Funding is scarce, takes a long time to secure and only reserved for exceptional cases. Crystal Meth addiction devours the individual very quickly, so most do not have the luxury of time on their side to wait for treatment to be funded. The quickest way to access rehab treatment is through self-funding a private rehab  . If you or your family have the means to finance this, we can arrange for an immediate admission today to one of our many exemplary rehabs throughout the UK and also overseas. Call us if you would like to know more about private rehab for Crystal Methamphetamine addiction.

Your local drug and Alcohol Team can provide free groups and key worker one to one sessions. Many have also introduced SMART  groups, which are aimed at abstinence and goal setting. You can find details of your local Drug and Alcohol team here. Cocaine Anonymous also provides meetings and a programme of recovery which has proven to help many with a Crack addiction. They are a self-help organisation, so whilst not professionally run, 12 Step has been proven to be hugely successful in the treatment of Crystal Meth addiction. This is the link to their local meetings page. Narcotics Anonymous also cover Meth addiction and follow principles of 12 Steps, you can find details of your local meetings.

Your local GP can also arrange for you to have CBT therapy with a qualified Counsellor, however there is again a waiting list for this service on the NHS. Addiction Helper have many experienced and qualified private BACP registered addiction counsellors, specialising in the latest addiction treatments and based all over the UK. Call us if you would like to find out more about a private therapist and bespoke therapeutic programme for you or your loved one

Private Rehab for Crystal Meth Addiction

For the individual who has a full blown addiction to Crystal Meth, which is beyond their control, inpatient treatment is the preferred and most successful treatment option available

Our private residential rehabs provide a very safe and nurturing place. Providing the individual with a safe haven away from the madness of addiction; the individual will be nurtured back to full health both mentally, emotionally and physically. It is recommended a minimum of  8 to 12 weeks inpatient programme for a Crystal Meth addiction, Secondary Care and Sober Living options (Tertiary Care) are also available and highly recommended for an individual who has become submerged in the drug addiction culture in their local environment. Returning home too early will place them at great risk of relapse. Crystal Meth addicts lead very chaotic lifestyles and because of their addiction isolating them from normality, they tend to stick together. Reintegrating into society, family and normal daily life, is often the biggest challenge a Crystal Methamphetamine user will face. Our private rehabs  offer both short term and long term treatment programmes; in the case of a heavy Crystal Meth addiction, the longer away from the lifestyle, their drug associates and temptation, the better.

Addiction Helper work with over 100+ CQC-regulated private addiction rehab centres in the UK of the highest calibre and also some innovative select rehabs overseas. We work with low cost affordable rehabs to luxury rehabs with their own apartments AND everything in between.

If you are a loved one are looking for an admission to a rehab, but not sure of where to go, call us now! We can help you find the perfect rehab package including aftercare to meet all of your treatments needs, budget, location and preferences.

Addiction Rehab Treatment for Crystal Methamphetamine

Comprehensive Medical Assessment

If, alongside Crystal Meth, the individual is physically dependent on Heroin, Alcohol, Prescription pills   or Benzodiazepines , a full medical detox for all dependencies will be required and prescribed. In instances where there is more than one addiction present or a co-occurring illness alongside, a full 12 week primary care programme minimum is recommended to cover the detox and rehabilitation and allow the team to work intensively to prepare the patient for their return back home. Once the treatment in the rehab has been completed, Addiction Helper will ensure there is a seamless return back home by arranging free aftercare with the rehab attended and if necessary arrange for private one to one counselling sessions locally. We will do all we can to ensure you remain healthy and well on returning back home.

Proven Treatments for Meth Addiction

Addiction Helper’s rehabs only use proven, evidence based methods of treating Crystal Methamphetamine Addiction. We don’t just provide a short term intervention, but look to provide a comprehensive bespoke treatment programme that will equip the individual with the recovery tools that they need to maintain recovery from their addictions on a permanent basis. We only work with experienced addiction professionals, as we understand the devastating and deadly effects of Crystal Meth addiction. Our rehab staff are fully trained, experienced and qualified in their individual areas of expertise.

Crystal Meth Medical Detox

Typically, our rehabs that treat ICE Doctors, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Addiction Counsellors, Nurses, Holistic Therapists and Recovery Support Workers. Some of our rehabs also specialise in treating Trauma, Post Traumatic Stress and Eating Disorders . The vast majority of treatment centres we work with can competently treat Dual Diagnosis  clients and clients with multiple addiction problems. For any individual with any kind of alcohol or drug addiction /dependency, including Crystal Methamphetamine,  a full medical detox will be prescribed by our Doctor on completion of a comprehensive admission assessment.

Addiction Helper can provide seamless and immediate admissions to rehab for those in crisis, if you need help for any kind of addiction, please call us now!

By calling our team at Addiction Helper, you will receive a free and confidential comprehensive triage assessment by one of our addiction treatment specialists for you or your loved one. A suitable and comprehensive treatment programme will then be recommended that will be specific to the individual’s addiction treatment needs. There are various types of rehabs and prices differ hugely as do the range of treatments and facilities on offer. We will talk you through all of the options so that you are able to make an informed decision before committing to treatment.

Proven Treatments for Crystal Meth Addiction

Our addiction rehab programmes will consist of various evidence based and effective treatment methods for addiction to Crystal Meth; here are some of the commonly provided treatments that our rehab deliver:

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT)
  • One To One Counselling and Trauma therapy
  • Process Therapy Groups
  • Family support group
  • 12 Step Therapy
  • Trauma therapy
  • Educational Workshops and Relapse Prevention
  • Holistic Therapies; such as Mindfulness and Meditation, Music, Art, Equine, Acupuncture, Yoga, Tai Chi and an individualised Fitness programme

Many of our rehab staff are themselves in recovery from addiction; they have a unique insight and understanding of the mental, emotional, social, spiritual and physical aspect of addiction. They are able to quickly break down barriers that are blocking the individual’s recovery and quickly obtain their trust and respect, providing a productive and very effective professional therapeutic working relationship. Our rehabs treat each individual as a whole, physically, mentally, socially, emotionally and spiritually. Our person centred approach to treatment has proven to show the most successful results. Furthermore, for all those that complete treatment at one of our addiction treatment centres, they will have access to 12 months free aftercare!

There are many other therapies available also, we aim to reignite the individual’s passion for life, provide them with the hope and inspiration to motivate them to get well and to make the necessary changes in order to maintain recovery from Crystal Meth addiction. We also show our clients how to rebuild themselves and their lives and how to develop healthy and loving relationships with themselves and also with others and their family.

Essentially there is no quick fix to any type of addiction and no magical pill to take it away. For a Crystal Meth addict to recover fully, they must make many changes and continue to maintain these changes upon leaving the treatment environment. Our comprehensive personalised rehab programmes will show them exactly what they need to do to recover and receive support and encouragement each and  every step of the way. You can be assured of a professional service at all times. We will do our utmost to help you or your loved one make a full recovery from the destructive and otherwise hopeless disease of addiction!

Our telephone lines are open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week; we are passionate about saving lives and helping families of addicted individuals also. You can turn your life around with just one call to us; we can take care of all the arrangements if you are looking for a private rehab and find you the best treatment possible.