Rehabilitation Centres Saving Lives & Millions of Pounds

Addiction problems cost the taxpayer billions of pounds every year. Money is spent on addiction related injuries, illnesses, crime, and court cases. Many of the people suffering from addictions will end up caught in a life of crime as the only way to feed their habits. Others will develop illnesses that require hospital treatment.

Some addicts will become aggressive and violent and may even cause injury to themselves and others. Every time the police have to make an arrest or are called to a domestic abuse case involving drugs or alcohol, it costs the taxpayer money. The same is true of each alcohol or drug related A & E visit or hospital admission. In addition, the taxpayer must fund the cost of court cases involving people that commit crimes because of their addiction.

Many believe that, instead of punishing addicts, more should be done to try to rehabilitate them. At the end of the day, it will benefit the person with the addiction and the country as a whole.

Rehabilitation Centres

According to the bosses of a successful drug recovery centre, the help they are providing to addicts is saving millions of pounds for the taxpayer. Cheshire East Substance Recovery, based in Macclesfield, has been crunching the numbers and believes the service they provide is saving the emergency services millions of pounds each year.

For example, one man who was referred to the centre cost the taxpayer half a million pounds. The money covered ten A & E visits, three hospital stays, forty-six ambulance calls, and eighty-eight police incidents.

With more suffering addicts getting the help they need in rehabilitation centres such as Cheshire East Substance Recovery, there will be less burden on the police and the NHS, and the taxpayer will reap the rewards.

There are many rehabilitation centres all over the UK, ranging from charity organisations to local support groups to private clinics. These institutions work hard to help addicts get clean, and they provide them with the support that allows them to integrate back into the community successfully.

As well as saving millions for the economy, these organisations are helping save lives too. Many individuals with addiction are too embarrassed to seek help, and many will fall between the cracks. However, it is evident that with more money for rehabilitation, the cost to the taxpayer will reduce. Moreover, many believe that crime numbers will also fall if more time is spent focusing on rehabilitating those suffering from addiction rather than punishing them.

Who Is Affected By Addiction

There is a particular stereotype and stigma attached to addiction. Nonetheless, the truth is that addiction can affect anyone. It is not solely a problem in deprived areas, as many professionals believe that they have a problem with alcohol. In addition, as we have seen in recent times, many so-called wealthy professionals are finding themselves suffering from addictions to gambling, sex, alcohol, etc.

Addiction does not discriminate; it is something that affects people of all ages and from all classes. It is also something that needs to be dealt with as soon as possible.

Getting Help

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