Raped to Pay for Drugs: Eastenders Actress on the Attack

Ex Eastenders actress and recovering cocaine addict Daniella Westbrook has talked of her harrowing experience being kidnapped and raped by evil drug dealers. When she couldn’t repay a 5k cocaine debt, the gang marched her at gunpoint from her home, and took her hostage for three days. During that time she was subjected to a string of horrific sex attacks as a sick and twisted retribution by the criminal gang in the world of illegal drugs.

Daniella+WestbrookMost of us tend to try and steer clear of violent criminals in our everyday lives. But for many, they find themselves drawn into a world of dodgy deals and meet ups, trips to isolated places for the illicit act of buying illegal drugs. An addict may have few qualms about who they get their drugs from, and of course drug dealers do not work to any code of practise or moral code. Their ethics are highly questionable, and whilst someone might be buying a little something from a friend of a friend, ultimately these people are dealing in dangerous substances on the wrong side of the law. The processes of getting drugs onto the streets involve many major criminal organisations who profit in the face of misery and suffering. The sale of illegal drugs, imported from abroad or home-grown, is not likely to be one that could ever bear any benefit apart from those who make money from it.

In the UK there are millions spent in the UK in the war against drugs Catching the drugs before they hit the streets is vital. Crimestoppers recently sent out thousands of Cannabis Scratch and Sniff cards – designed to help people identify cannabis farms growing in residential areas. By increasing aware ness of what cannabis actually smells like in its growing state may help more of those illegally growing the drug get caught before they get a chance to distribute it.

So the side effects of drugs can be far more serious, and dangerous than many people could even imagine. Drugs inflict suffering and pain on so many levels. If you or someone you know has a problem with drugs, then seek help before it spirals out of control.

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