Rape Case Shows Dark Side of Drink and Drugs

An ongoing rape trial in Barnstaple could land a middle-aged man in prison if convicted in court. The case has already changed the life of the alleged victim, putting her private life on display for all to see. Yet regardless of the outcome, the case shows the dark side of drink and drugs. It clearly demonstrates that no good ever comes out of excessive alcohol and drug use among young people.

News reports say the case started when a woman in her 20s became intoxicated at a local bar. After passing out, she was taken home by the alleged perpetrator to sleep it off at his house. After the man and some others returned to the house later that night, the entire group carried on drinking and smoking cannabis. The woman was put to bed to sleep it off a second time.

It was at that time the woman alleges the perpetrator joined her in bed and raped her. The man, who was in his mid-40s at the time, claimed that while there was some consensual groping going on, no intercourse took place – forcibly or otherwise. It is up to the court to determine whom, if either, of the two, is telling the truth. If the man is convicted, he could receive a very stiff sentence.

Intoxication Equals Loss of Control

Regardless of who prevails in this case, one thing is certain: none of the activity in the bedroom would likely have happened if everyone involved had not been drinking and smoking cannabis. The fact remains that use of drugs and alcohol to the point of intoxication equals a loss of self-control.

When a person drinks or takes drugs, he or she loses control on several fronts. Primarily, they lose control of their own thoughts and actions. You know yourself that intoxication causes you to do and say things you would not otherwise. That is the nature of intoxication. However, it goes beyond that.

Intoxication also results in a loss of control of your surroundings. It allows others to take advantage of you because you have neither the physical nor mental capacity to avoid the trouble before it starts. And once it starts, you may not have the ability to stop it. This is the great trap of drugs and alcohol.

Bad at Any Age

This particular case in Barnstaple is especially troubling because it involves a young woman and a man twice her age. The publicity of this case should be a warning to young people everywhere about the dangers of drink and drugs. Intoxication may seem harmless, but there are far too many dangers involved to expect to avoid them all for one’s entire life. Sooner or later regular intoxication will result in consequences a young person regrets.

Having said that, drink and drugs negatively affect users of all ages. One does not have to be under the age of 30 to experience unintended consequences. Using alcohol or drugs can result in a serious traffic accident, chronic illness, loss of income, broken relationships, and so much more.

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