”I”m off to try and sort my head out”: Gail Porter checks into South African rehab centre for three-month treatment program


Gail Porter has checked into a South African rehab centre for three months in a last-ditch attempt to help her beat her depression and addiction to alcohol.

The mother-of-one has revealed she is ”terrified” but determined to conquer her demons and believes the radical rehab in Cape Town is the way to do it.

Gail, 41, told The Sun newspaper of her difficult decision: ”I’m terrified. I’m scared to death. But I also think this is the happiest I’ve ever been.

”I”m off to try and sort my head out”: Gail Porter tweeted this picture of herself as she left London for South Africa as she checked herself into a South African rehab centre for three months

”I think this is the best thing I could do to get me out of the state I’m in. The truth is I do think, “Someone, please look after me, if only for a minute.”

”But if I felt stronger, then I would look after myself. Wanting to be stronger is one of my reasons for going into rehab in Cape Town.

”The truth is that I’m really upset and I need help. So I’m off to try to sort my head out.”

Staying in touch: Gail will be allowed to communicate with her nine-year-old daughter Honey via Skype phone calls

This isn”t the first time that Gail, who was diagnosed with depression and bipolar disorder as a teenager, has attempted to turn her life around by admitting herself to rehab.

Last year, she entered rehab after being sectioned under the Mental Health Act following her admission to hospital after she accidentally overdosed on painkillers.

And Gail told the newspaper that reports the overdose was an attempt to commit suicide were not correct.

She said: ”I wouldn’t, in a million years, try to kill myself. I took an accidental overdose of painkillers, then called the doctors myself.

Changing looks: Gail suffers from alopecia and has lost the long blonde hair she used to have

”I was very depressed, I was trying to sleep but I didn’t want to kill myself. That’s why I called the doctor and told him that I’d taken too many painkillers, and ended up in hospital.”

In rehab, Gail will be prevented from having any communication with the outside world, bar Skype phone calls with her nine-year-old daughter Honey.

But she said that she isn”t worried about her little girl, because she knows she will be well looked after by her father, Toploader”s Dan Hipgrave.

Unlucky in love: Gail is divorced from Dan Hipgrave, and split from boyfriend Jonny Davies at the beginning of the year

She said: ”I just told her that Mummy is not feeling well. But she knows. She’s nine and she’s not stupid. And at least we’ll be able to talk on Skype.”

Gail checked into rehab under the watchful eye of Daniel Gerrard, Family Interventionist and Founder of Addictionhelper.com.

Talking about the programme Gail will embark upon, Daniel said: ”Gail will actively participate in an aftercare program set out by www.addictionhelper.com which includes, bespoke intensive counselling, daily interaction with me, AA meetings and a variety of holistic pursuits.

”I have no doubt in my mind Gail will recover from this deadly illness providing she adheres to the Addiction Helper treatment plan. The plan helps her slowly integrate back into her life over the next 12 months.

”I am so proud of Gail and her continuing perseverance to recover, Gail has agreed to the terms of our treatment plan and is 100 per cent committed. I do say this with conviction as we unfortunately see every day the countless people who die from addictions and alcoholism.”

The Daily Mail Wednesday 1st August 2012