Sister of Someone Who Is Addicted To Alcohol or Drugs

If you have a sibling who is addicted to alcohol or drugs then this is likely to have had a significant impact on your life. This can particularly be the case if you have needed to share a home with this person during the midst of their addiction. Addiction is sometimes referred to as a family disease because it tends to harm everyone who is part of this unit. The addicted individual will tend to demand much of the resources of the family, and they may have stolen from home or being physically or verbally abusive. The sister of the person who is addicted to alcohol or drugs can suffer from mixed emotions; on one hand, they will be deeply concerned for their sibling’s well being but on the other hand, they can feel angry because this person is the source of so much pain for other people.

What Drives the Addicted Sibling?

It can be difficult (almost impossible) for people who have never been addicted to alcohol or drugs to understand what is going on. It can seem so obvious to other people that the substance abuser is destroying their own life, but this person may have a completely different perspective on things. They may have other justifications for why their life is a mess, and they will be convinced that it is only alcohol and drugs that help them cope with the messiness of life. The problem is that addiction involves a psychological as well as physical dependence, and it causes the person to become trapped in denial. The person who is caught in addiction is not being deliberately bad or hurtful, and it is unlikely that they decided at the beginning of their alcohol and drug use to become addicted. There will usually be times when the individual will be able to see beyond the denial of addiction, and it is at these points that they can escape this suffering.

How to Cope with an Addicted Sibling

It can be incredibly difficult to deal with a person who is caught up in addiction. As the sister of this person, you are likely to feel powerless and frustrated. It can also seem so unfair that you are suffering because of the behaviour of this loved one. This is why it can be so important to receive help and support – this can come from fellowships such as Alateen, and Families Anonymous. Finding out more about what is happening inside the addicted person’s mind can also be a great help because it will let you see how they are not being deliberately hurtful.

There are many things that families can do to help their loved ones become ready to end the addiction. One of the most popular tools for this is known as an intervention. This is where family and friends come together to confront the individual with their behaviour, and this type of encounter can be enough to get the person to hit rock bottom. It is important that the intervention is conducted properly, and we will be able to offer advice on this – just call us on 0800 024 1478.

Once the individual becomes ready to change there will be a lot that can be done to help them. One of the most effective solutions will be a residential rehab programme. This will provide the individual with all the tools they need in order to break away from addiction. We will be able to arrange this type of programme, as we are experts in the field of addiction treatment planning and rehab placement. Just call us right now or alternatively you can text “help” to 66777 and we will call you back in a matter of minutes.

Help for family, friends, and close ones is just as important as the help people suffering with addiction need. Seek support to find the right path.