Why Will Your Loved One Not Accept Help for Addiction?

Watching a loved one struggling with addiction can be a devastating experience. You can see what the addiction is doing to them but no matter how hard you try, he or she is unwilling or unable to accept help. Many addicts are in denial about the extent of their problem, and may become defensive or aggressive when confronted about it.

The trouble is that no matter how hard you beg and plead with them to get help you cannot force the issue. Until your addicted loved one can accept that a problem exists and is ready to get help, you may be fighting a losing battle. However, what is causing your loved one to avoid getting the help they need?

They Do Not Think They Have a Problem

Although you may think that it is easy to tell if your loved one has an addiction, it may not be the same for the person affected. Many addicts simply do not think the problem is that bad. There is usually a reason that person turned to drugs or alcohol in the first place and, for them, taking a particular substance may make them feel better. For you to suggest that this is a problem may make them act defensively or angrily. However, after a while, the ‘good’ feelings will fade away and more and more ‘bad’ feelings will take their place. It is usually at this point when an addict becomes ready to accept help.

They Fear Failure

Many addicts are scared that admitting they have an addiction will make them appear weak. They may also be worried that if they do accept help, they will fail in their efforts, making them unwilling to seek help as a result. Many addicts suffering with a fear of failure will not fully commit to a programme of rehabilitation, as they will be less embarrassed if they fail because they did not try hard enough than if they failed after putting in a lot of effort.

They Think Rehab Will Not Work for Them

Many addicts feel their addiction is so severe that they cannot be helped. They have heard horror stories about how difficult rehabilitation is going to be, and they are unprepared to take the risk. Many think there is no point in putting themselves through the programme if it will not work anyway. They will have heard tales from other addicts who have relapsed about how these treatments do not work, and they will think it is a waste of their time.

They Have Already Relapsed Before

Rehabilitation does not always work the first time. Many addicts will have tried to get help and then relapsed, but this is quite common. Those who have suffered from relapse before will understandably be cautious about trying again. Nevertheless, giving up is the worst thing an addict can do. There are so many treatments available today, and these treatment options are improving all the time. Just because one treatment did not work does not mean another will not. It is important that those suffering from addiction try again because the chances are the next time will be the one where they begin their life again, this time free from addiction.

Where to Get Help

If your addicted loved one has finally come to terms with the fact that he or she is suffering from an addiction, help is available. Addiction Helper is a free service available to addicts and their families. We work by putting clients in touch with suitable rehabilitation centres across the country where they can access the treatments they need to get better. Call today for free, confidential advice and family addiction support.

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